About YWGB

“You’ll go blind” is an expression, an old wives tale used by adults to people from doing what feels good.
Well guess what?

This site is designed to celebrate intimacy in all shapes and forms, from healthy sex techniques to intelligent discussion on stimulating topics. We’ll provide the info–you go ahead and enhance your life!

We’re all learning and growing, so why not do it together?

Think of YOU WON’T GO BLIND as a “relationship enhancer” and by that we mean, enriching emotional and physical relationship with your body and/or your partners too.

We want this site to be the kind you’re not ashamed to read. Most of our pages will be SFW. Once you leave the site through the shopping portals, though, that may be a different story!

YOU WON”T GO BLIND is about self indulgence.

YOU WON”T GO BLIND  is about feeling sexy.

We’re here to inform, empower and entertain.

By any means necessary

And we promise you’ll do all those things, and YOU WON’T GO BLIND in the process.

But, you’re going to feel really good!
Stay Satisfied,


Melissa and Chanize

Melissa Brodsky, Founder and Editor

Chanize Thorpe, Senior Editor


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