An Anti-Depressant that Aids Sex!

I was resistant to taking any form of anti-depressant for years because I was worried about one of the side effects. Sexual dysfunction.

I was hesitant because I had heard that most of the meds out there cause a drop in the sex drive and I was always proud of my very active libido.

Due to life events, I went on Zoloft. It wasn’t just a drop, it was more like being on the Demon Drop in Cedar Point. A stomach into throat plummet. It was devastating.

I went from having the stamina of a teenaged boy to, well…nothing. I barely thought about it unless it was happening. When it was happening, orgasming was a monumental effort on both our parts.

I consulted with some of my friends who are on various forms of anti-depressants for various reasons; Effexor, Zoloft, Prozac, Cymbalta. Every single one of them said the same thing about the meds they were on. “No sensation”  “Difficulty reaching climax” “Impossible to reach climax” “Makes sexual enjoyment too much of an effort”, or, that they “might as well be made of cardboard.”

Many of us aren’t capable of enjoying our so-called “prime” because we’re on anti-depressants. These medications raise serotonin levels which help alleviate, but decrease dopamine levels, which is the chemical released for sexual pleasure. Well, that’s not fair, is it?

I did some reading to see if there were things that could be done to raise the sex drive without having to go off of a medication that some of us need in order to function.

Add small doses of Wellbutrin to what you are currently on or just take Wellbutrin instead. Supposedly it increases sex drive while combating anxiety and depression.

Change the time you take your meds. Consider switching to before bedtime.

I ended up going off Zoloft completely and I’m now on Wellbutrin. I highly recommend it. It does the exact opposite of Zoloft. My sex drive and ease of orgasm are through the roof!

What about you, our friends and readers? We would love to hear from you about your experience with anti-depressants and sex.

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