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Would You Hire a Gigolo?

I admit it, I watch Showtime’s series “Gigolos”. While not a consistent viewer (I only recently discovered it mid-season last year), I am HOOKED. Why? Because it is absolutely OPPOSITE of what we’re primed to see on television. We’ve already had “Secret Confessions of a Call Girl” and then there was “Cathouse: The Series”, which…


Traveling with Toys

My tale is a warning to those of you thinking of traveling with sex toys during your vacation. Here’s my cautionary tale. Learn from my mistakes! On my first trip to one of those “wild and crazy” sexy resorts with an “anything goes” M.O.,  I was so gripped by the rumors and excitement to come  I…


Inside Berlin’s Erotikamuseum

One thing you’ll learn quickly about traveling throughout Germany: Sex is NOT taboo. But, this the country who brought Dr. Ruth Westheimer into our bedrooms as well as images of lusty, big-bossomed hausfrau’s, so when I found myself in Berlin, I knew things were going to be interesting. This was confirmed when I saw the Erotikmuseum near my…


Titillating Travel Does Desires Resort

A resort that welcomes “lifestylers” and an “au naturel-optional” atmosphere? Bueno! Titillating Travel focuses on Desires Resort & Spa, a super sexy, adults-only hotel in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Who needs hot weather in the Riviera Maya? Desire Resort is steaming up the area big time, just by its mere presence. The ultra-exotic, all-inclusive playground is designed for…

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