Articles by Chanize

Titillating Travel: Star Beds in Kenya

This week we take you on a far-flung, exotic journey to Africa. If you’re thinking about the ultimate romantic getaway, the Star Beds at Kenya’s Loisaba Wilderness resort is it. You’ll travel into Samburu National Park for a fantastic safari filled with elephant, giraffe and lion sightings, and in the late afternoon head to these wooden, four-poster queen-sized platform beds…


Titillating Travel: Hedonism II

Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica, is an over-the-top playground with a ‘no-judgement’ atmosphere and all-inclusive price tag. Warning: this place isn’t for the shy. The “nude” side is about baring it all and relishing the nearly-anything-goes attitude. There is a “prude” side with a nice beach for those uninterested in showing their bits and bobs, but…

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