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Why Sex is Better in Your 40s

Superior Sex Starts at 40. Yes ladies, according to this Marie Claire article, 40-year old, middle aged women are enjoying the best sex of their lives. Gives 20somethings sumthin’ to look forward to. One of reasons why we’re having such a great time?  Older women aren’t as concerned with our appearance and how sexually attractive we…

50 shades of grey thoughts

50 Shades of Yawn

Listen, I’m no prude. I enjoy sex and am very vocal about the fact.  And while I usually keep mum about what happens between me and my personal sheets , I’ll talk about sex forever. Quite honestly, I love hearing about others thoughts and experiences–it’s fascinating to me. And let me say now, I know…


On Being A Better Wife

True or false? Men marry women because their penis told them to. Women marry men because they think they’re hot, funny and will make good providers. In the beginning, both sexes are on their best behavior. We’re learning to play house so we do all the things we think exemplify the roles of husband and…

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