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How to Seduce the Cancer Woman

You know those women who cry at Hallmark commercials?  How about women who tear up at television shows?  If you know a lady like that, you’ve probably met a Cancer woman.  If you’ve decided to romance and seduce a Cancer woman, you better put away your “player” moves and get in touch with your feminine side. Cancer…


How to Seduce a Gemini Woman

Ah, the Gemini.  Immortalized as “The Twins” this zodiac sign is the epitome of Angel and Devil all rolled into one.  Constantly searching for adventure and excitement, you will never be on an even keel with a Gemini woman. If you want to seduce a Gemini woman, you have your work cut out for you. She is no…

MMMMMM..You Smell So Good!

My nose is my strongest erogenous zone. Scents all bring me back to times in my life where things were carefree–before kids, before full time work, before the stress and worry of being a responsible grown up. I can clearly remember being a student in Australia, using Aussie Mega shampoo (which was NOT available for…

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