You’ve heard the story before, hell, we’ve all heard the story before: Boy meets girl, boy and girl date and fall in love, boy and girl get engaged and get married, boy and girl decide they can both do better and submit their photos to a crazy new website to get public opinion on just how much better they can actually do.

Oh, you haven’t heard that story before? Yeah, me neither. But let me tell you, there is a crazy website out there for just that purpose and oh my word it’s a doosy! describes itself in this exact way, “CanDoBetter is the premier matching portal that allows the world to decide who “Can Do Better”. The website allows couples who think they can find a better-looking partner to be rated and to connect to others so they “Can Do Better”.” Don’t believe me that it exists? Go take a look for yourself, I’ll wait. And when you get back we’ll talk.

Welcome back, need a drink?

I can’t quite pinpoint what my favorite part of the site really is. It could be the homepage that every time you load it up gives you a new couple to decide if they ‘Can Do Better’. Or maybe it’s the opportunity to become a TV Star by clicking on their link and, shocker, REGISTERING for the site! Oh, you want to be a TV star AND have strangers vote on whether or not you could do better- ONE STOP SHOPPING!
But, wait, there’s more! Come on, you KNEW there had to be! You can get your horoscope, too! I would guess they read something like this, “You’ll wake up tomorrow with a plethora of new and insightful friends trying to lead you down dark alleyways and on new journeys. Don’t be so quick to follow them, you could do better.”

Want to maybe feel better about yourself? Be sure to click on the tab takes you to the Can Do Better List because if THESE people can do better, then I’m betting we’re all doing pretty awesome. I mean seriously, stay out of the tanning bed and maybe, just maybe, don’t wrap that rubber band around your head like a crown and, you know what, you might want to lay off the purple eye shadow.

It should come as no surprise to you that can link you up and register you right through your Facebook account. I mean, really, not only can you have strangers let you know that maybe you need to up your standards a bit but now your friends, and your mom (if you’ve taken that leap and friended her), can let you know, too! But to be fair, make sure your significant other posts his or her picture, too. You want to see what everyone thinks about you and when or not the one shacking up with is slumming it.

I have to believe that is simply trying to bill itself as another dating site. While I’m not familiar with the intricacies of sites like or, I have heard that they are pretty reputable and even successful. A quick, and humorous, trip through has neither proven to me that they are reputable or successful. But, hey, who doesn’t want strangers letting you know that your scraping the bottom of the barrel and you certainly should be talking to them rather than settling for the one you’re with?

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  1. June 27, 2012 @ 1:18 pm Mitchtress

    Ew. Did dignity go the way of literacy in today’s brave new world?

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