Slave to the Vibrator

Dear Mademoiselle X,

I use my vibrator so much that I can’t have an orgasm when my husband and I have sex. What should I do?

-Slave to the Vibrator

Dear Slave to the Vibrator,

Trust me, you’re not the first or the last wife to run into this issue. What can we say, sometimes that Bunny knows more about what we need than we do ourselves!

First things first. That vibrator might be great at getting you off, but it’s not really what you turn to for cuddling and foreplay. So, let’s not write off the husband yet.

The secret here is to get the best of both worlds working together.

Enjoy the foreplay, the closeness, and the intimacy with your husband, and then, at the crucial moment, whip out your favorite vibrator and let it join in the fun. I’ve done a little research and I’ve yet to hear from a man who felt threatened by the presence of sex toys in the bedroom. In fact, quite the opposite is true, especially since the vibrations heighten his pleasure too.

Worried your man will be upset that you’ve been having a little too much fun on the side? Play dumb. Pretend a friend told you how much she and her husband love playing with her vibrator and talk him into getting you one.

He never needs to know about the five already hiding in your bedside drawer.


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  1. June 2, 2012 @ 7:20 pm Rajveer

    that it’s women that need foreplay to get their motros going and I think there’s no denying that. But how does a woman go about getting the amount she needs? Frankly, for a woman, if she’s not really turned on, sex can go from uncomfortable to painful. If she’s routinely uncomfortable having sex with a man, chances are she’s going to start looking for excuses not to have sex with him.Who’s fault is that? Both, probably.To my women friends, lead by example. If you want lots of foreplay, don’t wait for it to be lavished upon you. Start on him. Think creatively. Sex doesn’t always have to start in the bedroom with the door closed and the lights off. Send him a text in the middle of the day telling him that you’re thinking about him and in that thought he’s naked. Make a date to meet him for a drink after work and show up without panties. During dinner, put your nylon covered foot in his crotch (if you can reach that far) and watch him squirm and smile.What you’ll find is that by doing this for him, you’re going to be just as turned on as he is. After a while, he’s going to want to do the same for you because it’s fun and it’s sexy and the outcome is always good.If he’s always much more ready than you are, get a vibrator and start off with that. Make sure that you’re considerate by using a vibrator that’s smaller than he is. We don’t want performance issues from him over this. He wants you wet and ready and how you get there isn’t going to be a problem.What tricks do you use to get in the mood?I just wanted to say that many men like foreplay just as much as women do. A wham-bam is not too much enjoyment for a man either. Caressing, oral sex, caressing, more oral sex, more caressing, know what I mean?

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