February SEXtrology

SEXtrology by: LaurenKinsey

Your independence may be the reason you can’t connect with your partner or the one night stand you picked up at the bar. Volunteer to be on the bottom, it will make you seem like you need someone else for a change.

Whether with or without a partner you are feeling a little skanky this week. Try and keep the goodies in the jar through the weekend when you may be tempted to blow the lid off. Tame the smolder by wearing a G-string and a corset under your work clothes, I won’t tell if you don’t ;-)

If you partner wants you to dress up like a clown to help them get off, don’t take it personal. Role play is fun and exciting—it doesn’t mean your partner really wishes you were a Pirate. Try not to be oversensitive when it comes to taking randy requests.

Your enthusiasm and generosity concerning matters of the flesh are quite well received this week. You have no problem grinding it out in cars, bathroom stalls or your boss’s office. Continue going for the gold this week, your efforts will be handsomely rewarded.

It’s no secret that you need a little coaxing to really let your freak flag fly. This week try to open your mind and legs a little more freely; you might be surprised at what turns up.

Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold” would be a great song to characterize your sexual prowess this week. One minute you’d like to touch everyone and the next you’d prefer only to touch yourself. As a dual-natured signed you are never really alone, though a threesome isn’t such a bad idea.

You my friend are a good ol’ hoe. We all know what you’ve been up to and your tawdry trysts will not go unnoticed this week. Try to be a little bit more mysterious and alluring; you don’t have to dance on every pole you meet.

You are kind of a career cuddler. It’s nice to be warm and cozy but your partner may be wondering when you’re going to light that ass on fire.

You are completely overthinking everything sexual. Experiment a little more, go into an adult store by yourself and buy something to surprise your partner. Sex can be just as fun as knitting or watching Brothers and Sister’s on ABC.

As usual you are having difficulty finding balance between your sexual proclivities and your work life this week. When life hands you lemons, bang the intern.

You are a slut, nothing will ever change that. In order to find a life partner however, you may have to stave off on sex until the second date. This week, play trading places with a Virgo.

You will be hot and heavy this week because Saturn is in your bedroom. Incorporate your love of the great outdoors and see how many tents you can pitch.

Photo: creative commons from bing because google kicked me out.

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  1. February 16, 2011 @ 1:44 pm lceel

    I think I gotta find me a Scorpio. As a friend. Strictly platonic. :)

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