foreplay 10 sexy ideas

Foreplay: 10 Sexy Ideas


As George Michael once crooned back in the 80′s, “Sex is natural, sex is fun…”

True that.

It’s all fine and dandy to just be slammed in bed and call it a night. But really? That’s only once in a while.  It’s infinitely more fun to slowly work your way to the grand finale.

If you’re like me, I sometimes run out of creative ideas to get the juices flowing (yes, pun intended).

So, these 10 ideas are for me as well as all of you.

Use Food. Think 9 1/2 weeks,  though try to get more creative than whipped cream and strawberries, lest your lovefest turn into a snack attack. According to, foods from figs to foie gras are supposedly great aphrodisiacs.

Channel Demi’s “Strip tease.” You can make fun of that movie all you want, but men (and women) were lusting after Ms. Moore after that film. We haven’t seen anyone yet that didn’t appreciate a little dance number in the bedroom.

Make out. Do it like teenagers. I haven’t done that in AGES. But, I remember it well, and well…it works, doesn’t it?

Shower together. Conserve water, why don’t ya? Wash each other. Shave each other…maybe. Get each others hard to reach areas. But, you may find you need to make the water a little cooler than normal. Trust us.

Role play. Hello teacher, tell me what’s my lesson. Yeah, you might feel a bit silly for the first few minutes. But when you see your partner get into it, you will too.

Play sex games. What, you’ve never played Strip Scrabble? Perhaps think about a friendly Words With Friends wager? In fact, spell some naughty words on each others’ bodies. Who knew increasing your vocab could be so fun?

It’s the little things that can add a little ooooh to your ahhh. Get started!

What are you and your partners turn-ons? What are we missing here that we should try?

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'Foreplay: 10 Sexy Ideas' have 3 comments

  1. June 4, 2012 @ 8:06 am Kathybat

    i’ll add, FLIRT! Nothing wrong with a little flirting with someone other than your partner, in a situation where everyone understands nothing is going to come of it. It makes the flirter feel sexier, and just seems to get everyone in the mood.

  2. June 6, 2012 @ 3:38 am Rajean

    Watch 9 1/2 Weeks together. Or The Big Easy, Body Heat, or just certain scenes from movies like that. No need for porn. The build up can be inspiring.

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