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I was watching this show the other night called Extreme Couponing, about people who literally live for coupons. They clip hundreds of coupons and collect groceries and other items in excess. I thought it was both troubling and fascinating; it forced me to ask myself some tough questions like, why don’t I ever find coupons for sex toys and condoms?

So, I’m doing my part to help everyone get discounted jollies! The link is in the “coupon.”

Back in the day, the Greeks built a wooden horse that could hold 30 men inside. They would present the “gift” to the Trojans and when they least expected it, the Greeks would jump out and ruin their lives. Sound familiar? This is clearly about babies. Hundreds of years later, the Trojans have stolen the Greeks idea and a Trojan condom does its best to prevent 111 million little men from jumping out and ruining your life. Not that children ruin your life (well right now, they would ruin mine) so, why not have a condom or 24 to keep those little fellas with their horse? Trojan offers printable coupons redeemable in store.

Trojan products

Lastly, a failsafe. You cant go wrong with a good Rabbit or vibrating cock ring now can you? Good Vibrations has a wide array of salacious knick-knacks to top you off. If you join the mailing list (located at the top left of menu panel) you will be emailed a link within 1 minute that will give you $5 (in cart once item added). Then use code GV15OFF* to get another %15 off, resulting in your on private sale for your privates.

And for a slip-sliding good time, K-Y offers $5 and $2 off coupons. Coupons are printable or easily redeemed online.

KY products

*coupon codes may expire at any time.

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