Frugal Freaks: Steals and Deals

Saving money is a big focus in today’s economic climate. Every little bit helps, right?

I try to buy everything I can second-hand.

But some things you just can’t get at the local Goodwill. And even if you could, you probably wouldn’t want to.

Still, my mantra is “never pay retail,” so this frugal gal searched for deals on grown-up toys and accessories to heat things up at home. Here are a few items you can save money on:

Adult Audio Books: There’s been so much buzz surrounding the book  “50 Shades of Grey” and how reading this novel could make my husband happy. Rumor has it that the book has been banned in 17 libraries in a Florida town, so clearly it’s something I need to get my hands on. If you like audio books, you can try free for the first 30 days by scoring a coupon at sites like and get a free audio book – 50 Shades included!

Lubricant: When it comes to frisky business, KY is a must to have on hand. I remember the days when plain-old KY was the only variety out there, but now the brand has fabulous new formulas like the Intense or Kissable Sensations for the more adventurous.  Save $5 or $2, depending on the type you’d like to try when you visit KY online.  Shop online or print for in-store use.

Adult Toys & More: EdenFantasy frequently has special deals, so go to their promotions page often for new, fun toys to try. The summer clearance section offers up to 70% off items through August. And, if listening to the above-mentioned audio tape inspires you to re-create your own 50 Shades of Grey moments, try EdenFantasy’s naughty bondage kit for 15% off. Subscribe to their email newsletter and get a FREE bullet!

Specialty Toys: Did you know there are eco-friendly sex toys?  I know the “green” movement is huge today, but I had no idea it had spread to the erotic realm.  At Good Vibrations online, you can get a $5 coupon by signing up for their e-newsletter. Then, check out the Good Vibrations Ecorotic® Green Sex Toy Collection. Grab the coupon, and help save the planet with some “green” toys.  It’s a win-win!

Condoms: Trojan’s BareSkin condom is 40% thinner than their standard condoms and offers the same protection, but is said to feel a lot better. Visit Trojan online to receive up to $5 in savings. It’s the perfect way to stay safe and feel good.


Note to Bargain Hunters:  When searching for  any kind of online deal and signing up on sites for newsletters and coupons, create a nice, disposable, free email address with Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail. You don’t want your “official” inbox cluttered up with the notifications you may receive. Plus, you don’t want to be checking messages at work only to see a full-color ad for a discounted giant purple vibrator.



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