How Much Sex are You Not Having?

We all know sex is a key ingredient to a successful relationship.

So why is it that Americans are amongst the least sexual beings in the world, averaging only 118 times per year?

The only countries with lower stats are Sweden with 102 times (can you believe it? The sexy Swedes?), Malaysia, at 100,  and Singapore who hardly ever get their groove on with a paltry 96 times a year. We are in major feel good fail.

One would think that once you’re married or in an exclusive relationship, the frequency would increase. I mean, you’re stretched out next to someone whose sexual organs are a breath, touch, or lick away, yet it seems that television, books or “headaches” are keeping you from getting together. The statistics are staggering, on both ends of the spectrum. It seems there are extremes with nothing really falling in the middle.

Based on conversations I’ve had with over 50 female friends, some of us are doing the deed a few times a week, while many aren’t even doing it once a month.

What’s up with this?

George Michael once sang,  “Sex is natural. Sex is fun. Sex is best when it’s every single day or AT LEAST more than once a week.” Oh wait, those aren’t the words, but I’m sure that’s what he was trying to say.

Really though, there are so many health benefits to having sex. It relieves stress by lowering blood pressure. It boosts immunity by raising immunoglobulin A which protects you from colds and other infections. Also, and most important, it burns calories. Thirty minutes of sex burns off 85 calories. 42 half-hour romps burns off almost 3600 calories.

Think about all those good things you are doing for your body from something that is so fun to do! If those health benefits aren’t reason enough to be pouncing on your partner more often, I don’t know what is.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of your relationship situation.

In the name of the American dream, being human, heart health and fun..and finally, for the love of George Michael, get your groove on more often!

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