How to Seduce the Leo Woman

Want a queen to rule your jungle? look no further than a Leo female.

The powerfully sexual Leo woman has the ability to seduce the entire zodiac!  Wildly seductive, she will make you feel like a God among men.

If you want to capture the heart and body of a Leo female, you better be prepared to work and work hard.  Gone are the days of wooing with soft words and chocolate hearts. You must hunt the her with imagination and determination. Here’s how.


Step Up Your Game:  The Leo female takes the party to the next level.  When she enters the room, ,the party is just beginning. She’ll captivate the audience and hold them in her spell. She’ll be the center of attention and draw a crowd the minute she speaks. If you can’t handle being in her shadow from time to time while she shines, forget dating a Leo woman now.  She will overshadow you, even when she isn’t trying to.  It’s her nature to be the ruler of the room.


Take Your Vitamins:  The Leo sexual appetite is insatiable.  Morning, noon, or night, she is ready to go. Whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or kitchen table, the Leo’s fire is always burning. Once ignited, the sexual flame will take hours to extinguish. Make love to her like a king and she will be yours forever. Grab her by her ankles and drag her around the bed. Show her you are man enough to be in her Queendom and worthy of her attention.  If you aren’t prepared for an entire night of  lovemaking, best not  start. An angry, sexually frustrated Leo woman will eat you alive.

Cut the Crap:  A Leo woman will see through a silk tongue in seconds.  She has female intuition that is unmatched by any other sign in the Zodiac. Lie to her once and you are finished dating her.  Not only will she never forgive you, she will make sure the entire jungle knows you are a liar and her friends will see you coming a mile away.


Let Her Chase You:  The Leo female is not one to be toyed with, unless you are her lover. She loves a good cat and mouse game and will drink the pursuit up! But, they will leave a needy man in the blink of an eye if she senses weakness. She wants a challenge and a worthy partner.

Leo women LOVE a man who’s in control of his environment and aren’t an easy catch.


Keep Her on Her Toes: Leo women are masters of knowing what you’re thinking before you even think it.  If you want to attract and hold her attention, keep her guessing. Catch her off guard with an Saturday morning hike. Pull her attention with a foreign film festival.  Make her laugh out loud by jumping on stage for open mike night. Be interesting. If she asks what movie you want to go see, SUGGEST ONE. She hates to have a man respond with “whatever you want to  see.” Choose a restaurant, don’t drive around waiting for inspiration to strike. She’s constantly thinking ten steps ahead of her lover, and if you can surprise her, she’ll reward you with a night you won’t forget.


Polish Off Your Medals:  A Leo female is genuine and loyal. She fully expects the same from you. If you, at any point in the relationship give her the inkling that you aren’t loyal to her, the claws will come out and you won’t escape unharmed.  A Leo female will stop at nothing to reduce you to a quivering mass if you betray her. Once she pursues a gentleman, she expects him to behave as such. Don’t ogle other females in her presence.

Don’t brag about your conquests to her as she’ll quickly one up you with her conquests and yours will pale in comparison.

If you seek a challenging woman who keeps you on your toes, treats you like a King in bed and will always be by your side, no matter what, you want a Leo female.  Leo females are the ultimate companions and lifelong mates.

Choose wisely, lest you be her prey rather than her mate!



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  1. May 24, 2013 @ 12:35 pm Leolady!

    Pretty all is perfectly correct except the part about chasing! I don’t do chasing! I must be chased. I need the wooing to a whole new level! Leo’s are really romantic. They love grand gestures of love and affection!!
    Oh and NEVER EVER be late gor a date with her!!!!!! NEVER!!! Or you’ll see a very pouty if not furious and hurt lioness!
    Keep her purring with compliments!!! Very important too!

  2. September 7, 2014 @ 6:53 pm Grace

    don’t agree with this entirely. My analysis on Leo as lovers. Leo are insatiable lovers WHEN they feel like it. They also like to be DONE and not do the doing! They are actually pretty lazy in bed when it comes to doing things TO their partner. I have dated and slept with plenty of lionesses AND lions (females Leos are worse than male Leos but they are both ego-starved control freaks.) I have friends who are Leos and they admit it about themselves and have had friends that dated Leos and have said this. Plus, most think they are NOT attention-seekers and the ones that think that are worse than the ones that at least admit it. Everything in a relationship with a Leo is always about the Leo. They want to be taken care of, even though they parade as being ooooh soooo independent. They want and EXPECT you to do things for them even though they all claim to not want gifts, parties or favors. Their moods are probably the most turbulent in the zodiac, even worse than Pisces or Libra! They are happy, smiling, laughing, feeling sexy and in-the-mood, all about love and romance one second and literally a second later they are pissy, short-fused and touchy. My gf is a Leo. A fire sign is the only way to describe them because it is constantly fanning, putting-out and rekindling a fire. A perfect example of her near bi-polar mood swings is that we went to the movies one evening. We were cuddling, laughing, holding hands, smiling, smooching, being touchy-feeling. We leave, I go to the restroom, come back a few minutes later and she is standing against the wall with her arms crossed, her face crunched up and started walking ahead of me, nearly storming off. I tried to hold her hand and she pulled away. She was sighing heavily, Shaking her head and the lust in her eyes was replaced by utter annoyance. She couldn’t wait for the night to end. I didn’t let it. I made her talk to me, but she never said what happened and surely just me having to pee wasn’t what set her off! If it was…I don’t even know what that was about. Still don’t and that was seven months ago. Their moods stay pissy for days also. They never get over anything. They hold grudges. They are vengeful and they LIE constantly. Loyalty? I don’t see it. They cheat on a regular basis and seem to have this constant need for on-the-side lovers. They demand loyalty, yes, but give it? No, I don’t think so. My current Leo gf is the most indifferent, and apathetic person I have dated. I’ve known some of her ex’s as my friends and they all said the same thing about her, including her ex-husband. This article makes it seem like it is the fault of the lover if our lion or lioness loses interest. NOT true, because nothing is ever good enough for them. They are never happy. It is never enough. It is never the right thing. “Thank you” doesn’t exist in the Leo vocabulary as they expect everything. They say they don’t. They never ask. It is their ability to put guilt on their lover, and if you don’t do it…it is back to cold-hearted, sexless, nasty attitude until you follow their bidding. From there they say, “I didn’t ask you to do it” which is their way of getting out of being humble and actually thanking someone. They love sex…when they want it. Otherwise they are a dead, cold fish. They will go weeks without putting out, but rest assured THEY are still getting some…just somewhere else. It is true, they get bored easily, and since they are secretly co-dependent, needy and insecure they never actually want to break-up, so they just…have sumthin’ sumthin’ on the side. Usually their partner knows, but Leo’s either don’t care or don’t know because they are so involved in their partner’s life. They love soap boxing about how much they hate cheaters, but when they do it, they seem to forget that rule and literally believe it is ok for them. On top of that they are promiscuous and will sleep with anyone. Literally…anyone. IF they are in the mood. My gf readily admits that she has had so many partners she can’t count and that was her “drug of choice” at parties. Not booze. Not pot. Not drugs. Sex. Sex. Sex. She practically lived at Planned Parenthood in her early twenties getting free birth control (she always forgot to use), STD treatments and a couple of abortions all before her late-twenties and then had another one in her former marriage I just learned about. Mind you, none of this came out until MUCH later into our relationship and it has been nearly two years now. Which means she was still married and still had his name. She hid it from me, lied, and would have forever until she asked me to go get (no demanded I get) her stuff from the grocery store and her married name was on a recently renewed bank card. I confronted her and all I got was literally a shrug and “I didn’t think it was a big deal and I forgot to tell you but I don’t think it is something to get mad over. If you are that is your issue not mine.” So basically I was dating a married woman! Leo’s demand honesty, but fib on a regular basis. They lie just for the sake of lying I think. However, they make you love them endlessly. By this point she has worked her charming, bullshit Leo lust over me and trapped me as a forever lover as long as she will keep me around. She told me she loved me first. Turned our relationship into more than sex first, but now has be hooked because it is true…they are queens. They are like royalty. Like gods. Extremely attractive people on the level of a deity. They get you to worship them, even above and beyond their annoying self-serving, egocentric personality crap, and you can never leave. No matter what or how they treat you, it is YOU always trying to please them and serve them. It is near magic and I am convinced most are (at least the women) a little witch at heart without knowing it. They are vibrant, intelligent, bright, smart, clever and stunning. Magnetic and radiant. They are sexy, sensual, romantic, lusty , erotic and convincing. They can seduce anyone, and when THEY do put-out and do something to their lover, it is pretty darn good. Not amazing or mind-blowing like Scorpios or Capricorns (contrary to popular belief Caps are amazing in bed and have endless stamina). Leo’s giving is hot, memorable and lasting! There is a regal about them that doesn’t go unnoticed and they are aware of that themselves. If Leos had it their way , they’d lay in bed all day and be served. They DO love going out, and belonging to groups and doing activities, none of which include actual work or commitment though. They rarely have follow-through and usually have so much going on at once, because they are always extreme, that they get burned out and then blame others for “taking up their precious time.” They bitch at their lovers for wanting attention, for demanding time when they don’t have it YET they are the ones that fill up their lives with so much useless crap they never will do anything about anyway, that they cut people out. They make their partners and lovers feel insecure, confused and uncertain…then bite your head off when you try to ask them where you stand and where the relationship is going. They complain they hate needy, insecure and demanding people who need to be assured…but the whole reason their lover needs to be is because if their lover never calls, the calls never happen. If their lover never texts, the texts never happen. If their lover never sets dates and time to spend together, those things never happen. Leo’s disappear sometimes…for days. What they want changes from day to day, hell from minute to minute. One second they go on about wanting to marry you and start a family. The next second is a lecture about how they are better off alone and don’t need anyone. They can never decide if they want to be straight, gay or bi. They go to intense levels with everything. When they are straight, they are only straight. When bi, they love everyone. When they are gay, they hate straight people. I think for the most part….they just like a lot of different types of sex and different types of lovers to feel fulfilled, validated and important. It is part of their attention nonsense. They can be more venomous and mean than Aries or Cancer , because Aries and Cancer feel bad after they have been pricks. Plus it is usually spontaneous with both those signs and they don’t intend it. Leo’s plan it out and NEVER feel bad…for anything. Alongside the words “thank you” not existing in their jungle, neither does “I am sorry” or “this is my fault.” After a relationship does end with a Leo, they pretend they don’t care if you live or die, but make sure they go out of their way to parade any new love interest in your face. Then they call all the time and pretend they are trying to find “something” they might have left at your place as an excuse to come over. It isn’t because they miss you. It is because they either are horny and can’t get it anywhere else, miss something you did in bed to them they can’t find anywhere else, or just want to be prideful jerks and talk about how much better off they are without you. Any of these three scenarios, they just want to get off against at your expense. The go through brief moments of giving a shit about their partner. Times they cook for you (most are awful cooks but god-forbid you don’t tell them how great it is) and moments they hold you, kiss you lovingly, cuddle genuinely and show care and concern about your well-being. That lasts awhile, just enough for you to start feeling like it is an ACTUAL relationship and they are someone you would do anything for and that things are amazing. Just enough time for you to plan a future and talk about how much you love them to friends and family. Then they go back to “everything is about me, my time, what I am doing, what I have going on, maybe I can fit you in if you don’t beg but I expect you to beg but don’t really but do” mentality. I think in a nut shell, once they have you, you are trapped. They suck you in, make you fall deeply, madly, insanely in love and know you will never leave. They pretend to be outgoing. They pretend to want stability and realness. They pretend to love you back the same. Then you figure them out but to be the ego-driven jerks they are, but then they have you trapped. There is no walking off from a Leo. Ever. The only way they go away for good, is when THEY want to. Just like the cats they are, they pick their affections. Come and go as they please. Always want total comfort and servitude. Expect you to not care how they act or where they have been, and when they are around, expect you to be all about them but not want much in return and tell them how blessed you are to know them.

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  4. December 23, 2014 @ 2:33 am Gem

    I’m glad we’re not all the same. I am a Leo woman, and I agree with some of the article and disagree some. I can’t imagine my man feeling, let alone choosing to express such anger. It’s unfortunate that that person was dealing with such negativity, but I assure you Love not all of anyone or anything is the same. I appreciate the article because it is geared towards the positive aspects of the sign. I’m not surprised at the level of judgment though. What’s not being understood is that no matter who or what we have in our lives, we attracted it. I mean it helps to take a good look at yourself and what’s going on in your world. The more you know Self, the less likely you are to match what you don’t want. No one stays with someone who shows up being an ass, so why not walk away when you know you’re dealing with bs and drama? It makes you wonder about the self esteem of the people who stick around long enough to have horror stories to tell. No matter what, we attract ourselves, and or whatever we are a vibrational match to. The only way to get what you think you want is to become that. It’s kinda hard to ignore the obvious fact that all the negativity shared is still nothing more or less than half a story, and one person’s angry opinion whether fact or fiction. Know Thyself. If nothing else, the study of Astrology will help one to know what sign and type of person is compatible to you. Everyone wants the whole package. It helps to be that. I’m glad we’re not all the same.

  5. March 19, 2015 @ 7:33 pm leo

    Thank you Grace. Amazing post. This made me laugh. I am leo and yes I am exactly as you described. The only thing you missed is that we like to hunt. If I like someone Im secretly trying to hunt him down. I choose the guy I like and make traps to get him. Once trapped I loose interest and move on. Funny. I like men hard to get. Scorpio is a good challenge.

  6. April 2, 2015 @ 11:30 pm Kama G

    I agree with everything.. I’m a leo women and I get a thrill out of chasing bcuz it’s different, men always chase me im use to that but to find a man that has me chasing him.. omg.. gives me life JUST KNOW I will only chase u for a day or 2 if ur that special;-)

  7. June 21, 2015 @ 7:17 pm Lenora

    Lol!! “Grace” sounds like a whiney ass PITA, no wonder he/she/it got a lot of heat from Leos….little miss gloomy doom, spitting storm clouds everywhere they go. You know what honey I would simply say that you should def stay away from Leo’s then. You hate them so much but you dated “soooooo” many? Don’t make much sense. Just walk away lol!

    Anyway, that was funny.

    I feel like I am a typical Leo. I love to have fun and am extremely loyal. I hate liars and will call anyone out for it. I don’t necessarily like to chase but if there is someone I want and they are not moving fast enough (like most taurens) my personality will attempt to get it! I prefer my men very masculine. No emos or whiney types, if I do find myself with a soft man over time I tend to lose respect for him. I am strong willed so I need my man to be the same and often times take charge!!!! So the part of being me in charge does not appeal to me necessarily. I will automatically step up if i sense weakness but it is something Id rather not do. I want to be proud of my man and I cannot and will not show off a pansy type. Something kind of feral about being with a good hearted strong man that makes me relaxed and calm. I know he will take care of us, I dont have to step up and take charge and can focus on the happier, less troublesome parts of life to make us both happy and enjoy our lives. He has to be wise and kind. I don’t like a holes who though are nice to me, treat others bad. He has to be graceful. Its hard to explain, a strong equal is what I need I guess. I also need a physically strong man too that I can feel safe with while out traveling, someone who can defend a lady if getting mugged for example, not someone I have to protect lol. Hey ya know a lioness has to have her strong lion ya know? One with a dreamy deep and sexy voice. Nothing more sexy than that!

  8. July 8, 2015 @ 4:46 pm jabbman76

    I agree with the lying and cheating. I’m in a relationship with a leo. She is a fn liar!!!!! Enough said.

  9. July 10, 2015 @ 6:27 am leon

    Dating a Spiritual leo woman for 1.3 yrs.
    we have lots of fun & is together at least 2 days per week .
    * Giving mixed signals is her speciality ….
    2. OR IS SHE CRAZY …or
    LONLY & just not into me .

  10. September 22, 2015 @ 9:24 pm thatgurl

    Uhh… Don’t judge everyone by their zodiac signs and there r other signs too like Venus sign, mercury, rising, moon, mars, blah blah and all those 12 different house sign…btw just bc ur like this doesn’t mean someone is the same… One nice Leo don’t rule them all. Virgo here

  11. September 22, 2015 @ 9:26 pm thatgurl

    Btw I personally think Leos r too full of themselves judging by the ones I’ve known…not saying all r tho

  12. October 15, 2015 @ 11:07 pm Lola

    Wow Grace that was funny!!!! I am a Leo and I agree with Lenora for someone who seems to not like Leo’s why date numerous Leo’s?? seems to me your in Love with us so Good job for sticking around to your girlfriend ?. Lol lastly Not all Leo cheats!

  13. March 21, 2016 @ 11:34 pm Tony

    This is soo true… Each and every word. My ex whom im currently tryin to.get over or get back for good. Has me like this. I tried to leave or just see other women. But she will do just like you said and call me about money i borrowed. Or something. To get me back into her life. Other guys tht have had her. Feel the same way.. I think we are sharing her now. I caught her in a lie. She was secretly fooling around with a co worker. Tht she claimed was chasing her.. But dude said she pursued him.. Tht i need to take it up with her. Crazy. All i can say is. I pray ion have a std. And if you gonna be with a Leo woman. Always use a condom and don’t ever get comfortable. Becuz she will leave you high n dry. To tame a Leo woman. You’ll need to chain her to the bed post. Becuz she is incapable of long term relationships. Very disloyal.

  14. March 25, 2016 @ 4:00 am Shae melon

    I am also a leo… Everything is pretty accurate minus the cheating… idk I’ve never cheated on anyone. But my rude? About right..
    I’d like to think if you knew the gf so well, grace, why would you be confused as to why she was pissed off..( I’m sure its not BC the wind ) you obvs. Feel some type of way about Leos.. Ur current gf.. Lol.. Why stay?? Leo’s aren’t bad.. Otherwise you wouldn’t keep daing is

  15. May 16, 2016 @ 4:33 pm Sean

    @Grace I was with a Leo women for around a year. She was really young like 14 o something n I was in college. Whatever u mentioned I totally agree with you. In fact according to me I find them really dumb and heartless. In fact shameless also. I had to go away from her to work and do something in life so that we can see a future. I worked my ass off at that time and returned after almost 1 year. She showed her egoistic attitude to me n sat in a car with some jackass n left.

    U are right about getting over Leo’s is not easy n that’s why till date I have never moved on. N she’s moved on like I don’t know how many times with how many men. It’s been 6 years we broke up. And in 2014 I even cut my wrist for her. N almost experienced death. And at one point when we had a small chat through one of my friend n when she got to know all this that I haven’t cheated on her , I was ready to die for her, and never moved on even when women were crazy about me. I wanted to stay true to her. Even when we were dating n she was soo young i never had this thing that I need to have sex with her I something Coz I loved her soo very much. Leo’s are very egoistic self centered people. God knows what they think about themselves. And during those years of my heartbreak I tried to help her becoz I knew she was on wrong hands and those men would just play around with her. But every time I approached her she always showed attitude and acted all immature. Started giving silly reasons n stuff. Infact when I told her that I almost died for you all she said was, I wouldn’t really appreciate what u did for me. And showed her bitchy attitude to me. Right now being a Muslim she’s dating some guy who doesn’t even match up or has don’t even 2% o the kind of man n values I have in life. I loved her soo much that I wanted to protect her even from myself. I wanted to do a lot of things for her . But I guess these women do not have patience and they are always horny o whatever. All they care about is sex and fun. It’s okay if that person doesn’t love them also. They would do anything to get someone’s attention. I personally feel Leo women are not good partners. And they are filled with some kind of crap and they always go behind loosers and people who want to take advantage of them. And I find them very non humorous and dumb bcoz they just cannot value someone’s true love and feeling. I Totally pity on their life.

    Recently I even thought of helping her again. After all that she did to me. Bcoz I tend to care for her since she’s so dumb and couldn’t really figure whose right n whose wrong. Though she knew in and out that how much I love her and what are the things I did for her. She showed her ego and immature attitude to me saying she’s moved on. Has no feelings. She can never love me. Or have feelings for me. That day on I just let go. I don’t want hear and see all that which I don’t deserve for being loyal n true to her for soo long. This article will definitely help me to move on and hopefully be kind and do the right thing. Never revenge over some stupid person for someone else. Thanks again Grace.

  16. May 16, 2016 @ 4:40 pm Sean

    I would like to add this. My friends told me that Sean.. Ur biggest mistake is u didn’t have sex with her.!! N I was like come on she’s just 13 o something. And I’m not a maniac. N I just did the right thing. To be frank I completely and totally feel that Leo women have no heart!! They are heartless beings not even close to loyalty or honesty. I just hope and pray that she realizes her mistake and all the wrong she’s done in life and God guides her to be good in life and serve her parents happily. I just pray that she wakes up before it’s too late.

    Any comments on this please feel free to share open for new advice

  17. May 19, 2016 @ 8:57 pm ARIES

    I need your help. PLEASE RESPOND.

    I’m an Aries. I met a Leo woman not so long ago (11th May) in a same room, she was trying to get my attentions, but i was not bothered. I left and went in another room, she followed me there and talked to me. We end up talking hourly, and i gave her my number.

    One day we have a lot to talk about through text, the next day for an example, I said, Hey, how are you? and she responds I’m fine, I hope your day is going well and that The next day she do probably says the same thing again. I bet she have a lot to say through text when it suits her, but face to face she talk a lot.

    I noticed many men and some women talks to her. it’s not like she want them to talk to her, they just come and talk to her. I don’t think center of attention is the right word to describe her. I’m actually cool with it. I’m not the jealous type of person.

    However, my point is, i really like her. I have not told her that, but she told me, she really really likes me but, she is not ready for a relationship because she is selfish in a way, she still wants to develop herself and get to know herself better before she can properly share something with someone else (she is into sex after married). She wants to be great friends with me for now or something, that I’m not 100% sure off.

    anyway, I said sure.

    She said, wow, I’m glad you understand me…..blah blah blah. I was like :-D and I changed the subject, asking her simple questions like, when is your birthday and what do you do in your spares time. She is easy to read and I’m all mystery. I don’t ever tell her much about me. I tell her what i want her to understand. Most of the time i am knowing more about her, like studying her, I think she realize that. She is a busy person but she had not yet said I can’t meet you.

    I agree with few things said here, but GRACE, you surprised me to think deeper about this person I’m about to fell for but not every LEO are like that, and she is my first LEO.

    She’s really nice, she’s Asian and reading comment here is like, a big FUCK ME.

    Anyways. I need your help. We just met not so long ago and what is it the best things to do? be her friend? She had not asked me anything like sex or anything. She told me enough about her self that she can be jealous, sensitive…etc she was honest as she could. She even decide to learn sign language to talk to me. Nobody ever learns more than 20 sign in just 2 day. I’m not saying it is not possible but she must have practiced like hell to really wants to communicate with me. She told me she believe in communication is very important. She proved her point there.

    She likes to play, she is playful like a cat but, once again. I don’t know if she like to be in the certain of attentions, whenever i can’t hear something, she simply walked me out the room with her and have me just for herself…

    I believe I’m with a good LEO here.

    However…I want your advice please

  18. June 4, 2016 @ 10:00 pm blindgal

    Take it slow, just like she asked. It’s best to get to know someone first, anyway. Enjoy the journey and don’t worry about the destination. Good luck!!

  19. July 13, 2016 @ 8:40 am Tashia

    OMG!! I read everything you wrote. I’ve experienced this with a Leo Partner (Female) …. & Another occasion with a Leo person online … Thought we was cool as friends until she started lying and trying to use me to make her girlfriend jealous etc. Now I’m a nobody to her . Blocked me on Facebook and STILL talks garbage about me to people and don’t care how I feel. She always say she don’t like drama etc but always causing drama. She and her girlfriend was always going through something. She always said to me how insecure her girlfriend was and how evil she was and I began to feel sorry for her etc … But I didn’t realize she was making her feel insecure .. and all of the sudden I was most of the blame for their arguments and her girlfriend hated me because she thought her and I (the Leo) was seeing each other. Which was true. . . The Leo female made it seem like I was all over her and her pics and post etc because her girlfriend didn’t like me?! When other women was doing the same .other women was all over her pic and post etc BUT as long as it was me? Smdh .. Then when she was over with her girlfriend she was even more angry towards me .. still have me blocked and never apologize for her bad behavior and calling me names and being rude to me …. She had no manners ….. & my ex Leo girlfriend was everything you said in the article. I am always attracted to Leos …I never ask their signs … Until I do, they always end up saying “I’m a Leo” and always trying to convince me they aren’t the same as other Leos and is different from the rest! These are lies and Baloney!! I was just thinking about her the other day! But looks like she was thinking about me . Lmao* …. I read your article and happy I ran across it because it help me a lot to ove forward etc . Oh, yeah she always called me delusional Lol. Because I would tell someone what happened to our friendship etc and by saying I’m “Delusional” … She want people to think I’m crazy or a Liar! & She was the one who was acting Delusional and Bipolar with her bipolar mood swings!? When I read that part in your article I laughed so hard because you describe both her and my ex girlfriend Leo! And it’s so true about their Egos and never saying sorry! Or Thank you! OMG! & They always say they aren’t seeking attention … That they always gets it ….. Which is true .. however, Needs attention as well. which they will never admit. & The sad part is I Cratered to them both . Even though one was JUST a long distance friend …. I still treated her like Gold. I was never appreciated …. Smdh . Because she already had a girlfriend!! Lol. And my ex she was Evil . I have her the world and she was never satisfied! Ever! She made me feel like I was a nobody! I never heard back for years from my ex. Smdh . And the so called friend… She never contact me either . Telling someone how she’s never ever going to be friends with me again. & I was thinking, “After all I’ve been nice to her and went out my way” etc…. … I remember she talked to me all the time of how her girlfriend was Disrespectful to her and making her feel so unloved etc and I have her all my attention and she still wasn’t happy. I am so DONE with Leos and their Bipolar Lying craziness. I don’t care how attractive they are, I run the other way once I know they are LEOS! They are not as Loyal as people keep saying in these BS articles. They Loyal to ONLY their crap & BS! They want what they want and when they want it and or unless you’re the ones who aren’t crap to them or did them wrong . Tbh … After reading your article I can careless about them ever saying anything to me even if I cross Their paths ! I would probably NOT speak! But I have a good heart ! I always speak and talk to people after they hurt me over and over again. I guess I’m not like the rest of the Pisces people have been talking bad about . I am a Pisces/Aries . March 20! I don’t act like the rest of the Pisces that I’ve been hearing about . I’m very sensitive and go out my way for people to get hurt later . . But Thanks for sharing .

  20. July 13, 2016 @ 8:49 am Tashia

    Wow!!! This is so true as well! They are very disloyal and lies real bad and never sorry about anything! They cheat and don’t like cheaters !! They will tell you what they like and love and through everything in your face until they do it to you … They “Have a reason to” …. It’s Double standard BS! Leo women are wishy washy ! They claim to get bored easily to get out of commitment! That’s their Theme line! “I’m easy bored” ….. Like we aren’t? I feel like they always hide the way they feel because they don’t like to look bad because of their Egos . They have to look good about everything they do! They are extremely sexy people and loves and get attention… However, They want what they want and if they don’t get it … Then you’re the Evil person … They bipolar as well! I’m DONE with Leos!!! Lying piece of Garbage!!! & They don’t care that they Leave and never come back and they block you forever because they mean , stubborn, evil, and Never sorry about anything! They won’t talk to you even after death, they Will still hold THAT grudge. Which is Stupid! & They never DID or DO e anything wrong! Such a Weirdo and turn OFF!

  21. July 13, 2016 @ 8:57 am Tashia

    She never said she didn’t like Leos . She was explaining the things that happened to her …. Idiot!!! It’s only funny because she told the truth about how Leos are!!!!! I hate Leos myself! Cry baby liars !!!! Arrogant pathetic loser! You Suck!!

  22. October 17, 2016 @ 3:35 pm diksha

    Yeah this is damn true. i am also leo girl n i am agree wid this article. n i love attention but we are not selfish wen someone love us blindly then we lose interest in them the only way to get back ur leo is to make her jealous by flirting with another girls n some what ignore her. i am sure u will see a good result. i think we are like behave like child sometimes. we have a big ego.

  23. January 15, 2017 @ 10:54 am Xiamora

    This is soooo true!!!!

  24. January 15, 2017 @ 9:45 pm angel grace

    Wow! The way you describe it was full of anger but cant blame you. Some are true even the negatives but not entirely.

  25. January 15, 2017 @ 11:34 pm jackie

    Grace all you said were on point! you hit the nail on the head! I have been teasing these leo for a while telling her she is beautiful and that i have someone great for her, all the while telling her by the side that if the person i have in mind doesnt come for her i ll take her for myself. She laughs. From afar i consider to be very ambitious and industrious and loyal, to her family and then to friends. later being a taurean I started chasing telling her i wanted her for myself. “Wanting” here meant i wanted to fuck her! not beating around the bush bcos i always see guys with her because she is so so beautiful. So i reasoned definitely one of these guys will be sleeping with her. she refused and refused and i forgot about it. then out of the blue after several months she calls me up she wanted to talk. I said Ok. she set the venue and time, and i followed. we met and she told me she wanted something if I could help her with cash. I was stunned because she was asking for a ridiculous amount of money. No sane guy will give a lady that amount in one swoop. she said she will fuck me in return for the money. i laughed in my mind because i have been chasing these leo for a while and here she is asking me for money for sex.
    I told her ok, but asked her about her boyfriend, she told me she was coming from his place and that she spent the whole week at his place. I knew she was lying because i had seen her younger brother who told me she was home, not that day but all week! so i told her i ll give her the money but let the action begin, she said No! that she is tired because she just finished having sex with her guy, but that i should transfer the money to her now and that we ll fuck the next day! my jaw dropped! who the fuck do you think you are? I said in my mind. i said NO. since we are together now we must have sex and you will get ur cash. after much persuasion, she succumbed. but really she set the time and venue not me so why should i not take advantage. so we had sex with a condom and wow,,,it was good. really good. not as good as my scorpio babe but very good. after everything i gave a quarter of the cash, she was furious. I told her to relax because the amount you are asking for is much.i cant carry cash around. but that i ll do a mobile trasfer. then she calmed down. my game plan was to see 2 more time and at the same time woo her. we saw 2 other times and i gave her the money in bits. This got her angry. At one point we met at a hotel for sex, this time she asked me if I had a condom, i said No. but i had. she now smiled. and looked at me seductively and said no problem we can fuck without it! my eyes lit up and that day was wow. her bj was fantastic. after everything i decided to take her out to have lunch..we were laughing and talking when all of a sudden she got so furious, I was asking her what was the problem. I was so confused, she told me to get out of sight! she refused towork with me. i was almost mad with anger because at this stage. i was falling for her. things became strained. i will call her she will warn me never to call her again.she was now avoiding me. so i decided to let go. After about 2 months, she called me up asking if i was in the city, i said yes. she now told me she is in the city but that she will be leaving in a week time. i told her i ll be going to work all week but will try to see her. Now i was surprised to get her call because i knew we were done. and it was all about the money. infact, then she said if it werent for the cash she wont have even slept with me. ( i was like wow! because i know i am cool dude, and this cat is not on my level at all.) so I was surprised. but I knew i wanted to fuck her again. and i knew she wanted it because i was good with her, and i also knew she wanted something from me.
    So she came over to meet me at a bar and we discussed. i told her i was sorry for whatever imaginary problem that occurred that got her so angry and hope she has forgiven me. she said yes. That it is a new year and she doesnt want to start the year with grudges..blah blah blah. after making peace she made a move that she was going and i stopped her then she told me why she really came…she needed money to get something. a very ridiculous amount of money as usual. I laughed in my mind. you must think i am a fool or an emotional weakling. so we discussed and agreed to be fuckmates and she will get the money and whatever assistance she ever needs in the future if i can afford it. But i was angry within me because i was like so it is whenever you need something that you will remember me? Anyway, she said wanted sex that day, i said No lets make it the next day. she said No that she is so so horny. that she needed it that day or that night. I told her i was tired and i had things to take care off that night. she said it will be fast.i told her i dont do fast sex. I do 1hr sex! and she was like yea, that was a problem with me that i fuck long. i said you were not complaining before about it. she now said lets do it in the Bar restroom! my jaw dropped! i have never met a girl as spontaneous as her. honestly my juice got flowing when she said this. I was so moved that i picked her up took her to the car and drove straight home to have sex. it was nice! fantastic. I was like these lady will turn me to something else if i am not careful. so I transferred some money to her account, and told her to go look for the balance else where and that hope we are good.she was disappointed that she did not get all the cash, but said we were good. So we planned to see in 2 days time. honestly i was missing her, missing the sex. so i started calling her that day, she gave me excuses upon excuses, later she called me to tell me to leave her alone that she does want me or sex or cash. i was like ok. then she called again that she wanted me to get something for her. i was like common, who the hell do you think you are that you i should get all these things for you ? I am not your boyfriend. she said i should just do it. i told her that i will think about it. Honestly I know she will call me again to meet me soon and I am prepared to tell her that i am unavailable now and ever to her . I dont need an unstable influence in my life.

  26. January 19, 2017 @ 12:54 am Nick

    I have a Leo girlfriend. I would like to hear from other Leo woman what your thoughts are about what I am about to tell you. We met 30 plus years ago, teens, we were each other’s first. She came up to me from behind and tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and omg! She was and still is the most beautiful girl/woman I’ve ever seen. There is no Hollywood female or other more beautiful than the Love of my life! After about 2 years my family moved, broke my heart! I’m 2 years older. After HS I went back to get her, she was engaged. In her driveway we talked, ended up going separate ways against my will but I gave her respect. 30 years goes by, I am back from being all over, Air Force, she calls me, we meet and she still has my heart always will. She had a terrible marriage, didn’t even sleep in same room with her husband for 15 years. She is very independent, doesn’t like to touch me, doesn’t like sex much at all, but she wants me to and let’s me rub her feet, legs, and back every time we see each other. Only wants to see me 2 days a week 2.5 hours each day and a couple of hours on sat or sun. She goes out of her way to stay busy, always has I found out. When we do make love, she calls it just sex, I do everything and for a long time, she will have at least a dozen climaxes and says she can take anymore, passed out a couple of times on me and she runs 4 miles in 45 min. If I ask her about anything personal she gets defensive and angry, won’t discuss her past much. On edge all the time and doesn’t even hug or love her own kids much. She tells little white lies all the time, even lied about taking a shower. Very moody and gets mad real quick over nothing. Tells me she loves me. Use to talk mushy to me and said she wanted to get married. I resigned from my job, moved to her, got another job and she has been different since. No marriage now and hasn’t even divorced her x been separated for 1.5 years now, they don’t speak at all, he doesn’t have anything to do with his own daughters. I have been extremely nice to her girls and her. Fixed things in her house given to her by x, painted, put in outside lights, mow her grass, weed eat, take care of her car etc. I would die for her! She thinks silly because I like her finger nails with no polish. She has to have them red all the time! Not sure what to think anymore.

  27. March 18, 2017 @ 5:05 pm John

    I find these comments very interesting ! I’m shagging with a Leo woman once a week and I am #3 in her life! Lol. She is married and having an affair with my friend, and also having great sex with myself. I recognise many of her traits here but she owe’s me nothing so I don’t mind. She complains about her husband and lover to me, but I just laugh as she’s a dirty little slut which is great!
    My advice is don’t get drawn in, just fuck and switch off when she gets bitchy. She’s a lazy lover regarding returning favours but open to anything I suggest!
    I’m an Aries if that is any use?

  28. March 18, 2017 @ 11:26 pm Aly

    poor Grace! Sounds like you just weren’t strong enough for your Leo. Like the article said,you will either have a loyal partner for life or you will get eaten alive. The alternative is what happens when you cross a Leo.Grace may I suggest a sensitive Virgo, Pisces or Cancer for you? Good luck and stay out of the Lions den if you can’t handle them.

  29. May 20, 2017 @ 7:10 pm LeoLady

    Well.. I am a Leo, I have a dated a leo man. I have 3 Leo’s who I’ve been very close friends with for years. Other Scorp friend is dating a Leo guy, and he is incredible to her while she is very demanding and moody haha my best friend’s mom is a Leo. I could go on, I know so many, but really they are all great people. Generous, loyal, charismatic, warm! Hardworking. They are all in serious commited relationships. I would even say (and this applies to me) that we take advantaged of… we give way too much. Two of these people have been cheated on so much! I feel bad for them. Same goes for me. I’ve been cheated on and kept loyal for SO long and it hurts so bad cause we are very emotional. We are even naive and have a weak spot when we are in love and can be played on so bad.
    The only thing I could say is the Leo guy I dated was a player! But he is gorgeous and we were very young. And even so he was very unfront with me and caring of my feelings for him.
    So guys…I don’t want to be mean but it seems the Leos you’ve met are simply not good people. I haven’t met anyone of any sign, behaving as the people you’ve described. I think you should change your social circles, they sound shady and fake.. sorry.
    All the people I’ve mentioned as myself are determined, smart, hardworking. We all have very demanding University degrees. I am a engineer. Also we come from good families with lots of integrity and values.
    So idk… those Leos you described might be very inmature. Have low IQ. Might have backgrounds of abuse or disfunctional families.
    I’ve dated 3 virgos and they were critical, depressed all the time, mean, boring, insecure! My fist bf was all that plus cheated on me and played mind games. Another one I dated was all that too, plus enraged all the time (his dad is an alcoholic) and me being Leo I helped and cheered him up, bought him expensive gifts (leos do that) but had to scape fast from these guys because I don’t come from dysfuncional patterns so I was terrified.
    Then I dated a Virgo just now and he is amazing!!! Sweet, caring. Organized, structured as all Virgos are haha but he is mentally healthy and well educated and raised in a loving and positive family environment.
    So… think about it. Negative traits of a sign are displayed in people because of certain things like upbringing and trauma and genetics. The Leos I know are all great friends and partners and good humans above all.
    My advice, change yourself so you stop attracting toxic people. When I healed myself I stopped meeting guys like that. Stop surrounding yourself with toxic people too. Friends or coworkers. They will lower your vibe. So be better, raise your vibration so you only match good people (no matter the sign, they will display the best traits if they have good values) and heal the part of you that needs those toxic humans. Really. Fix your self esteem. No one that knows their worth is surrounded by such shitty people

    Good luck! :)

  30. July 23, 2017 @ 9:43 am sharen

    Well said!

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