How to Achieve The Big “O”

The female orgasm. Mysterious, wonderous, and often elusive with only 30% of women orgasming regularly.

40% of women say they reach orgasm only every now and again.

Sadly, some women have never reached climax. EVER. There are sometimes physical or emotional rough waters holding these ladies back from this fantastic experience. And rather than do something about it, they pretend they have.

Well, don’t fake it anymore.

Here are some thoughts that may help you achieve the real deal.

Don’t think about it: The more you focus on having an orgasm, the further away it goes. Focus on the sensations. Keep your eyes open and watch your partner, maybe seeing them on will heighten your sensations.

Ask for more: Many times, our partners skimp on the foreplay and get right down to the nitty gritty. Well, don’t let that happen. The more foreplay, fondling, and touching, there is, the more aroused you’ll get. The more aroused you get, the more lost in the activities you become. And then, BAM, ¬†fireworks.

Remember What’s Overrated: No, orgasms aren’t overrated. The G-spot is. Most women never have a G-spot orgasm anyways. It’s all about the C-spot. Your clitoris. Focus on external stimulation. Check out this post for some great female-friendly positions.

Forget Sex Olympics: While sometimes it’s fun to try a bunch of positions all in one romp, it can make it more difficult to orgasm when you’re all over the place. Concentrate on one good position that makes you feel great and you’re more like to reach The Point.

Know Thyself: If you don’t know what makes you come, then your partner probably won’t be able to either. Know your pleasure points and your turn-offs. Touch yourself. Often. You won’t go blind. Find those sensitive areas and then guide your mate. The more you learn about yourself, the closer to that big “O” you get.

Go Potty: Yeah, seriously. Don’t forget to pee before sex. It can really impede orgasm.

If you’re new to it, it takes time. So many women have a firewall built up in our minds during sex that we can’t completely focus on what we’re doing. We can’t relax. We have a mental laundry list of To-Do’s that blocks our pleasure.

Try and stop it.

Try and let it go.

Try to come.

Of course, this isn’t meant to take the place of a doctor or psychologists advice. If you suffer from true sexual dysfunction, contact a professional.

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