How To Keep Your Man Happy

by: Laura

Every one wants a happy marriage. We all wish for that one PERFECT man. You know, the one who remembers everything, puts the toilet seat down, does dishes, laundry, and cooks like a chef. Perhaps every now and then we see a glimpse of perfection in our own husband. And don’t be fooled, he wants a perfect wife,too. He wants to come home to a clean house, dinner on the table, no yelling children, and a smile on his wife’s face. And I am sure every once in a while he get’s a glimpse of his dream. So how can we make both of our dreams a reality? Well because we are talking in truth, no one will ever be perfect, but there are some things we can do as women to help shape our man into perfection while looking fabulous, ourselves.

My trick to a happy marriage is quite simple: Treat your man, as if he is your pet dog! Yup you read correctly. I am not joking. It really is this easy, and can totally change your relationship in the most positive way.

Men, like dogs, love to hear praise. Every time your guy does something right, try giving him praise. It can be as simple as a “you’re the best” statement. The more praise your man gets the more he is willing to do. He loves to see that smile on your face. He loves to hear the cheerfulness in your voice. He really does aim to please!

Think of Fido – he really doesn’t care what you say, as long as you say it nicely. Yup, your man responds better when you use a sweet voice as well. As hard as it may be, don’t nag!

Dogs can’t understand multiple commands, and neither can your man. He is not a women, he doesn’t know how to multi-task, and he doesn’t want to learn. If you want him to pick up his underwear off the floor – simply ask him to. Pointing at them and asking if they are his will get you an answer without action. He will answer your question “yes” then walk away feeling as if he did everything right!

He forgets things quickly! You know when you are house breaking a pet, and they accidentally go in the house, their punishment must be immediate. If you wait even 5 minutes, you have lost that window of opportunity. Men easily forget as well. Try accepting the fact that he will never know what is going on with out you repeating yourself several times. And remember when you are yelling at him for something he did last week, and he has a blank look on his face – it really is because he has know idea of what you are talking about. His memory for these kinds of situations, just isn’t there.

Last but not least, your man likes to be rubbed. As you are petting your dog, try to remember the last time you pet your man. When did you last scratch his back? We all want love and attention, and the bedroom really is an important key to any successful marriage. We pet our dogs daily, perhaps even 10 times or more per day. We are telling our dog that we love him, and want to make him feel good. Now I am not telling you to have sex 10 times per day (but if you want, go for it) but you can definitely try to show more affection everyday. A simple smile, kiss on the cheek, shoulder rub all work well when giving affection. And when you do it, please do not expect anything in return. The most you ever get from your dog is a smile.

Give it a try, and let me know how well these tricks work for you. How similar is your man to a dog?

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  1. January 30, 2011 @ 4:22 pm carleen

    Oh such GREAT advice! and timely, too…
    I am laughing *out loud* as I take it fully to heart. SO.TRUE.
    You should RT this ’bout every month for me, k?

    aka @ineedscents

    PS The funniest part is that my husband would completely agree. (Well, his version would not include his back…) ;)

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