MMMMMM..You Smell So Good!

My nose is my strongest erogenous zone. Scents all bring me back to times in my life where things were carefree–before kids, before full time work, before the stress and worry of being a responsible grown up.

I can clearly remember being a student in Australia, using Aussie Mega shampoo (which was NOT available for purchase IN Australia, oddly enough) Every time I smell that shampoo, I am instantly transported back to 1989 and great times.

I can also still remember my first boyfriends’ cologne, Drakkar Noir. Yes, ladies, break out the Levi’s button fly jeans and the back combed hair, Drakkar was the number one cologne for “boy men” at my high school, closely followed by Ralph Lauren’s Polo!  Just thinking about it, I can see his United Colors of Benetton rugby shirt and Levi’s.  I can see his short hair cut and remember the nights we spent in the back seat of his $300 car!

Want to smell sexy all the time?  Want him to want you so badly he can’t think straight?  Here are three scents that drive men wild!

There are several perfumes on the market with high or low notes of these scents and I guarantee you will knock his socks off!

Vanilla:  Rated the number one sensual scent by men, vanilla reminds him of comfort, home, and unconditional love.  It is tied to baking and pulls him back to a time where he had no worries and no cares.  This is a highly intoxicating scent for men, hence the huge surge of vanilla scented products on the market.

Cinnamon:  The first “spicy” flavor most kids experience.  We put it on toast, pancakes, hot chocolate, and in cookies. It reminds us of Valentine’s Day and giving those tiny cinnamon hearts to that secret love.  It reminds us of Christmas and spicy candy canes and flavored chocolate. Cinnamon is the top selling flavor of adult edible products. Many men say they prefer a woman to have cinnamon flavored products in the bedroom.  A perfume with cinnamon top notes will draw him into you and remind him of innocent first love, so put a little spice on your skin.

Brown Sugar: Believe it or not, the scent of brown sugar will make his mouth water. Have you ever noticed that there isn’t a very distinct smell to white sugar, however, the molasses in brown sugar gives it a deep sweet aroma. Sugar scrubs are extremely popular in the bath and body world right now. Brown sugar reminds him of forbidden treats, warmth, and sweetness. The top notes in a perfume with a brown sugar low note will be in the warm sweet family, perhaps amber.  Put on a sugar scented body lotion and he will want to taste you all over.

If you want a triple whammy, just shove a freshly baked cinnamon bun down your bra! This way you’ll smell sexy, you taste sexy and you have a midnight snack, to boot. I kid, I kid!

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