What’s Your Sexual Schedule?

What’s your sexual schedule?


Are you a sex in the morning kind of person?

Perhaps you prefer to dabble in afternoon delight?

Or maybe you’re an evening, after dinner kind of couple?

Whether you’re an early “riser” or night owl, there is psychology involved in the times when men and women want sex.


The McGuire Sisters sing it best!

Breakfast in Bed? Men crave sexual contact in the a.m. as their testosterone levels are the highest first thing in the morning. They have rested and their body has recovered from the night before.  The penis has been inactive at night and blood flow is increased. This is why a morning erection is more than a reaction to sexy dreams, it’s the body’s way of telling men they’re ready to face another day!

Morning sex gets a man’s heart and semen pumping! He’s focused on sex, not your morning breath or your messy hair.  If you can let go of the “morning mind” and dive in, you’ll find an energetic sex partner next to you. If you can’t get past a little imperfection, take a few seconds to quickly freshen up. This is the time of day when your guy has the greatest energy to pay attention to you. Take advantage of it!


Afternoon Delight? The Will Ferrell video is hysterical and has to be the best song about getting in on at lunch time! The next time you’re readying yourself for work in the morning, consider putting on something sexy under your business attire. Men, ditch the boxers, and PLEASE, consider THESE (we really aren’t paying any attention to David Beckham here, honest). Ladies, try some thigh high stockings and garters–this all-in-one set is both fun and functional.

Make arrangements to have the afternoon off and meet each other for a lunch date!  The kids are in school, the neighbors are working, this is the time to be LOUD and make love in every room of the house. Or, get a hotel room if you’re feeling especially frisky. Be adventurous with your afternoon rendezvous and enjoy the freedom of not having to lock the bedroom door.  Afternoon delight can be the perfect start to a second lovemaking session at bedtime.


Night Owl?  Evening sex is usually the time to slow it down and pay attention to all the nibbles and bits. Removing the TV from the bedroom and eating a light dinner will make amor that more likely. Did you know that couples with a TV in the bedroom are HALF as likely to have sex as couples who don’t have one?  Get rid of the boob tube!

Want an easy way to shake up your sex schedule? Try changing what you eat!

Some foods will increase your libido, often at key times, such as fruit and eggs for breakfast and chocolate for dessert. These foods can get your motor revving just when you want it to the most.

Poll time! Men–are the studies right? Are mornings the best time for a romp? Women–what’s the best time of day for a roll in the hay?

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'What’s Your Sexual Schedule?' have 3 comments

  1. June 29, 2012 @ 10:56 am Mitchtress

    Well, for me it’s evening. Less chance of interruption by the phone or unexpected visitors. I am not averse to a quickie, but I’d much prefer to be able to focus on all the extras!

  2. June 29, 2012 @ 1:04 pm Laurie

    morning…. all the way. I love mornings. but one side note – we totally were paying attention to David Beckham in those…

  3. June 29, 2012 @ 6:39 pm Chanize

    Yes, of course we were paying to Beckham!! Good gracious can that man work a pair of boxer-briefs.

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