Sex Bucket List

Many of us have a mental life bucket list.  It might not be written or framed above our desks, but it’s always on our minds.  Swimming in the ocean, buying an expensive car or piece of jewelry, somewhere in our minds, this list exists.

You should also have a Sex Bucket List!

In the corners of your mind, you know there are things you want to try–things you want to experience.  How about some of these?

1.  Watch an Erotic Movie.  Society has impressed upon us that watching others engage in intimate acts is a BIG no-no.  Often, a movie with a bit of romance or sex is the just the thing couples need to kick things back into gear.  Rent a naughty movie with your partner or buy one off the internet!  Snuggle down under the covers and see what happens.

2.  Have Sex Somewhere Other Than the Bed!  Many couples believe that only place to have sex is the bedroom in the bed.  If you aren’t able to take your lovemaking outside the confines of  those four walls (kids, roommates) then move the sex to the floor, or stand up against the wall.  Whatever it takes, experience sex somewhere else!

3.  Get Tied Up!  Dig through that closet and pull out some old ties and belts.  Secure them to the bed frame and then tie up or be tied up.  Restricting your ability to move, in a fun way, can be freeing.  When you are the one tied up, you are able to just relax and enjoy the attention being lavished upon your body.  Give in to the feelings of hands on your skin.  Melt into the sensation of fingers and tongue on you.

4.  Have Really Loud Sex in  a Hotel Room.  Do it!  Moan, groan and just let go!  WHO CARES if you keep the neighbors up for one night!  You are at a hotel. It’s not like you’re ever going to see these people again!  I don’t recommend you choose the hotel your cousins are getting married at and pick that night to let loose, but drop the kids off at the grandparents, book a room at the Super 8 and get busy like you are newlyweds!

5.  Wear Sexy Lingerie or a Naughty Costume for Your Partner.  Guys this goes for you too!  Go the department store and choose some sexy silky boxer shorts.  How about some Calvin Klein package hugging boxer briefs?  Wear something that makes her pulse race when you drop those jeans!  Ladies, time to ditch the granny panties!  Go to an amazing lingerie store and INVEST in some great fitting sexy gear.  Allow the experts to help fit you so that you feel comfortable and desirable and super sexy.  Greet him at the door or eat a candlelit dinner together wearing only your sexy skivvies!

6.  Go Sex Toy Shopping Together.  Let him help pick out the toy for both of you.  Either a cock ring or a vibrator, something that you both can enjoy together. You might be surprised how willing a partner will be to shop for fun toys together.

7.  Learn to be an Oral Expert.  There are SO MANY books on the subject, entire websites dedicated to fellatio.  Read up!  Also, Ask  your partner what they like!  Learn what they love, what they hate and be sure to get really great at the love and like!

8.  Make Love Outdoors!  That’s right.  Find a place to park your car, spread out a thick blanket and explore each other in the great outdoors.  There is something to be said for sex under the stars and finding just the right place to free your inner goddess with your partner is the perfect way to top off your sex bucket list!

What’s on your list?
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'Sex Bucket List' have 11 comments

  1. August 17, 2012 @ 11:25 am Maggie Smith

    I could check all of those off your list…..

    I will think of some of my own

  2. August 17, 2012 @ 12:23 pm natalie

    You rock Maggie! This list hopes to offer suggestions to people to are looking for that first list that might push the boundaries….look for my “adventure list” next!

  3. August 17, 2012 @ 12:29 pm Mrs.Fun

    If having sex in a car on the side of a highway counts as outdoors then I can check all of those off my list. Not sure I’m an oral expert though, you’d have to ask the husband, lol.
    Hotel sex is the best, I need weekend away now.

  4. August 17, 2012 @ 12:32 pm natalie

    Hotel Sex ROCKS…I’ve had people banging the wall telling us to SHUT UP! Bahahahah! Tell me, how did you manage to get around the steering wheel or gear shift?? LOL! I’m short…so not a problem…I wonder how tall people manage it!

  5. August 17, 2012 @ 1:21 pm Mitch

    Okay, the sex outdoors thing is just not ringing my bells. I know the insects will enjoy the free all-you-can-eat buffet we’d be providing, and any wild animals around might like the show, but…can’t get past that, LOL!

    Now, the hotel thing we’ve done and greatly enjoyed. Sometimes we’ll bring along a sexy new wardrobe or new toys to make it an even more special occasion. Everything else on this list is pretty much on our regular menu!

  6. August 17, 2012 @ 1:26 pm natalie

    AWESOME…sex outdoors could mean in a tent or RV…maybe….
    Next list coming is way more adventurous….

  7. August 18, 2012 @ 9:43 am Chanize

    I’m an outdoors woman for sure. Even in the dead of winter in Central Park! Sometimes in the car at the commuter parking lot…hmm, maybe I shouldn’t be giving up all my spots!

    Yes, Natalie, and Adventure List for those who have BTDT on this list might be next..hmm, oh the places you could go for that!

    I wonder if anyone has done the movie theater? And was it empty or were people there?

  8. August 28, 2012 @ 12:41 am Nick

    Point 4 – NOT recommended! Just one night, you say? Yeah, go ahead and do it. Then wait and see how “your moment” is ruined when they start banging back after you’re done and trying to sleep. Not everyone is at a hotel on vacation; professionals from out-of-state are also there who have early work days. Your dismissive attitude toward others does not represent a “let’s let loose” attitude that you think of, rather a “f*@k if I care” attitude. And… just one night? Preach on the Internet and oft-traveling professionals might have to encounter many more of you who read this blog, at different hotels. No wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans are rude and obnoxious!

    Note to self: set Google filters to avoid stumbling onto such blogs in the future!

  9. August 28, 2012 @ 10:39 am natalie

    Sounds like you have had a noisy hotel neighbor. The tip didn’t say do it all might long keeping the entire hotel awake, rather enjoy a night where you don’t have to worry about kids or roommates walking in. Having the neighbor bang back on the wall would be good for a laugh and one night out of 365 isn’t going to harm anyone. Ad always these tips are to give people ideas and options and aren’t meant to be the standard rather a, “sex should be fun, so let’s have a laugh” Sorry you had a bad experience mate.
    PS I’m not American, but I do know many delightful ones.

  10. August 29, 2012 @ 4:04 pm Chanize

    I actually am on the road for travel more often than the average person, and guess what, you’d probably have to be hanging from the chandeliers and have a microphone in your throat to really, really create a good deal of noise. Why? Because most good hotels have SOUND PROOF WALLS. Why? Because most hotels know that people are going to have sex there. Yes! Sex! In hotel rooms! It’s the reason there was a Modern Family episode where even “square” like Phil and Claire decided to spice it up for one night at a hotel. Now, if you’re going to go to a $50 a night no-tell motel, my guess is that 1) your average biz traveler has heard it all before 2) probably brought some ear plugs. I hope you stumble here again! Please let us know how you found our site in the first place! What’s on your bucket list? ;-)

  11. September 1, 2012 @ 8:12 pm Laurie

    sex outdoors is awesome.. I believe partly because of the risk of discovery and partly because it’s generally going to be in a place that is great to be at anyway!!! for us – the beach on St Maarten the first time…. will NEVER forget that day! Other than 6 I can check them all off… although the loud hotel sex was just recently on a weekend away in Lancaster PA… this type of list is what can keep the relationship from becoming “boring”…

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