Sex in the Shower: A Review

by: Miss

The perfect way to have some easy, and not to mention clean fun is to have some play time in the shower. It might sound really unromantic but I always make sure my hair is washed and every “normal boring shower” thing is taken care of first. The last thing you want to do once you’re done with play time is wash your hair, trust me. I’m in a long distance relationship and when my boyfriend is visiting, we plan a lot of things to do while he is here. Most of the time, when we are getting ready to head out the door, we can’t help but jump in the shower for some fun before we head out the door. As a parent, I also know that sometimes this is a quick and easy alternative to locking the bedroom door.
While I was browsing some toys online one day, I came across the Sex in the Shower Single Locking Foot Rest. [link:] It’s very easy to use. There is a suction cup attached to the back and it has one of those flip levers that creates and breaks the suction. I’ve seen those used most frequently on the GPS units for cars. You put it at a level in your shower where you feel comfortable propping your leg up. Easy removal for when you get out of the shower makes this the perfect accessory to use discretely.
There is, in fact, a whole line of accessories for making sex in the shower easier. You can see them here. [link:] Hopefully this will help make sex in the shower much more enjoyable because now you won’t have to worry about your foot slipping off the side of the tub!
Have fun!

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  1. January 11, 2011 @ 7:00 pm Lady Estrogen

    LOL – that’s fantastic! I had a lot of shower sex before I was married – sadly, it’s not a common thing these days – maybe some of these accessories will help; will be checking them out :)

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