SEXtrology for March

Let the Irish proverb ‘Praise the young and they will make progress’ be your guide this month and take a stroll through Cougar Town, meow!

Somewhere over the rainbow your Claddaugh ring awaits so keep in mind the Irish proverb ‘Many an Irish property was increased by the lace of a daughter’s petticoat’ and make sure your getting top dollar for the hoon.

Although foreboding the Irish saying ‘Sending the goose on a message to the fox’s den’ is just the suggestion you were looking for. Your goose is totally loose.

If you can’t beat the Ides of March, join them—set the month on fire with a little Caesar & Cleopatra foreplay. Take in some history, while taking in history.

Despite the best advice your stubborn nature may lead you tattoo parlour this month. Clovering up your knish may bring all the boys to the yard.

The Irish proverb ‘As the old cock crows the young cock learns’ suggests you should probably look for an older man this month. You haven’t any time to learn a cock.

Take a chance and be a little more reckless this month—throw caution to the wind and maybe you’ll land on something hard.

Brawny’s not just the quicker picker upper, it’s the type of Irish Lad you should have your eyes set on this month. Head out to the nearest Irish Pub, knock back a tall Guinness and see just how quickly you can get picked up.

It’s really ambitious of you to continuously look for the perfect mate. In honor of this month’s holiday, stop looking for a saint and find yourself a Patrick.

Defer to the Irish proverb ’ The truth comes out when the drink goes in’ this month and prevent libation induced confessions.

The Irish proverb ‘ Make hay while the sun shines’ means your sexual peak is on the horizon this month. Let your pot of gold get some shine!

Add a little excitement to your love life and bathe your lover in a Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s this month. Milk is uhhhmazing for the skin!

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