Sexy In Scarlet

Sexy in Scarlet
by: Lindsay G.

For me, one of the times I feel sexiest isn’t when I put on a low-cut top, or a tight pair of jeans. I feel really sexy when I’m wearing a great pair of red heels. We’re talking screaming, fire engine, candy apple, scarlet letter on your feet, red shoes.

The beauty of red shoes is that you can wear them — and feel sexy and confident in them — day or night, spring, summer, winter or fall. And, just like their trusty black sisters, there are myriad of styles, heights, and hues of this sexy footwear, providing you with tons of options, and of course, another excuse to buy more shoes!

These lower-heeled slingbacks can provide that sexy little surprise peeking out from below black suit pants, or even bootcut jeans.

Paired with a pencil skirt, these peeptoe chunky heels bring that perfect bit of Mad Men flare, channeling your inner Joan for work or play.

When winter hits, these boots take a page out of Footloose’s classic red cowboy boots, and add a great dramatic flair to even the most casual pair of skinny jeans. Oh, and they’re vegan, so no need to worry about real leather!

And finally, the ultimate “fuck me shoes,” a great pair of ruby-hued stilettos. These shoes are perfect for a fun night out… or paired with sexy lingerie for a very fun night in!

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  1. January 11, 2011 @ 1:15 pm Leslie Fine

    Love those red shoes! They really add pizazz to an outfit. Your post is perfectly timed with the blog post I just wrote about using red in fashion and in interior design.

  2. March 29, 2011 @ 5:33 pm coyotejohn

    To me, there are very few things sexier than a woman in Chunky heels…

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