Sexy time and the First Trimester

by: Natalie
When you are pregnant, it’s difficult enough to get up the energy to breathe let alone, do something that involves effort, and let’s be honest…sex involves effort.  If this is your first baby, you are probably used to having smooth sexy legs, smooth armpits, perfectly groomed lady bits and time to keep up with all of it.

If this is your second, third or fourth baby…well, you’re just lucky if you can find a razor, let alone use it.  Taking showers solo is a luxury, most mini people have water radar and will promptly arrived naked in the bathroom just as you step into that shower.  9 showers out of 10, you are lucky to wash AND condition your hair…so actually putting thought and effort into getting that body sex ready is the last thing on your mind.

The first trimester is a wonderful mix of nausea, bloating, food aversion, exhaustion, tender breasts, expanding waistlines and shrinking jeans.  It’s all a girl can do to think sexy, not to mention FEEL sexy.  I want to give you some suggestions on how to keep the fires burning in your bedroom and really enjoy the new found freedom in your goddess body!

1.  Keep those legs shaved!  Trust me on this one…there will come a time you won’t be able to bend over enough to shave them, so do it now while you still have the ability to do so.  Soft, smooth, sexy legs make you feel like having sex!  Think about it!  Sliding in between those sheets with fresh smooth skin, it puts you in the mood.

2.  Use your favorite body cream or lotion…a lot!  Quit saving it for special occasions!  You’re pregnant!  This is a 9 month party train girl!  You get an entire new wardrobe!  So why save that body lotion for something deemed more special?  This is special!  Treat your body like a gourmet meal every day.  Slater on that lotion.  Babies can suck out all our moisture, so having a delicious body cream to rub all over makes our skin look, feel and smell amazing.

3.  Drink a lot of water.  I mean, a LOT.  You will be dehydrated all the time as your body works over time to grow this incredible little person inside you.  If it makes you feel better, buy bottled water and drink that.  Add some lemon, or orange slices to the water.  Dress it up. Throw in some fresh berries.  Whatever it takes, get that water in every day.  Your body will thank you for it.

4.  Invest in a high quality water based lubricant and put it in the bedside table.  I promise, the desire will return and when it does, you want to be prepared.  Dry sex is so far from being fun that you would probably rather go see your Doctor for an internal exam.  Having that lubricant in the bedside table will take all the pressure off you to be ready to have sex at the drop of a hat.  If the mood strikes, take advantage of it.  When that little person decides to make their entrance into the world, things will change in the bedroom.  Gone are the days of him ripping off your blouse and throwing you on the couch and you will hear yourself utter these words…”don’t wake the baby!”

5.  Go for a walk, if you can.  Walking releases endorphins in your brain, and you will feel better and have more energy.  Even if you just walk to the corner and back, the fresh air and the movement will help keep your body feeling energized.  Keep those hips limber.  As your pregnancy progresses, those hips are gonna stiffen up with the baby weight shifting everything…take advantage of your mobility while you can.

6.  ASK YOUR PARTNER for what you want.  If it’s a back rub, ask for it.  If it’s a shower so he can wash your back, ask for it.  If it’s a snuggle up nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon, ask for it!  As clueless as he was BEFORE you got pregnant, it will magnify now that you are pregnant.  He couldn’t read your mind before, and now that you are pregnant, it will irritate you beyond reason that he can’t read it now.  Cut the man some slack, he is, after all…only a man.

7.  Say yes.  You might not feel like having sex right at that exact moment, but saying yes and allowing the seduction to start, you will get into the mood and your body will respond in kind.

The desire will return.  Your body will respond and in the second trimester those hormones are pumping through your veins and you will want the Sexy Time…all the time!


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