So Far, So Good

by: Laura

The other day I was sitting around and my mind began to wander. I started reflecting on the choices I have made; did I have any regrets (NOPE), were all my decisions the best (NOPE), was there anything I really wanted to change (NOPE). So far, so good. I started smiling, a sense of happiness enveloped me as I strolled down memory lane.

I started to remember the days when my hubby and I were first together, before we were married. I was pregnant and we decided to live together, we’d try to be a family. We were young and had just begun dating when I found out I was preggo. We rented a small, 2-bedroom apartment that had retro brown carpet, an avocado green fridge and stove. There was no dishwasher, washer or dryer AND it was on the top floor. Needless to say, it was NOT the house we grew up in, but it was ours.

We both grew up with twin beds, so buying a queen-sized bed was our first big purchase together. Since money was tight, we couldn’t afford to be too picky. It was also one of the times, where I realized we really were NOT all that similar. He wanted a firm mattress, I wanted soft. I liked one, he liked another. I wanted what was affordable, he wanted an “investment” for out future! Yup that’s right…if we were going to be spending at least 33% of our lives in bed ( and I know he was hoping for more!) than he wanted the top of the top…slightly firm, pillowtop, KING size mattress. Say WHAT? Ummm reality needed to kick in, and fast! We were living in a 1970’s apartment without air conditioning, and there was definitely NOT room for a king size mattress. As I remember the incident now, it cracks me up!

We eventually agreed to get a mattress we could afford, and at that price – there really wasn’t much to choose from. When we picked it up, we felt like real adults, all grown up. That mattress stayed with us for 6 years. It went through a lot of ups and downs (pun intended) and it was bittersweet to see it go. I look back at that time, and it puts a smile on my face. We were young, new to each other, and had no idea of what the future would hold for us. We made a choice back then, to do our best to be a family. And I have to say that it’s so far, so good.

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