The Art of Kissing


Klimt “The Kiss”

Rediscover the Art of Kissing!

The heart pounding, jelly leg inducing, clammy-palm creating, soul touching kiss.

Just thinking about makes my heart go pitter patter!

May I make a confession?  I love kissing. I dream about kissing, I write about kissing, and think about it all the time. My favorite movies are filled with kissing. My favorite magazines have articles about it.  My guilty pleasure is lip gloss and flavored balm.  I am all about the kissing!

Movies abound with images of  lip locks:


The human lips have more than 10,000 nerve endings–the highest concentration of nerve endings in the human body. More than the clitoris or a penis’ frenulum.

Sparking all those nerve endings by kissing has more than an erotic benefit. Did you know that beyond the heart pounding goodness of a kiss, there are health benefits to joining lips?  The added saliva helps to wash bacteria away from your teeth making them less prone to cavities. Kissing also uses an amazing amount of muscles in your face and cheeks which means less wrinkles!  Hello gorgeous!

And, did you know kissing can burn up to 2 calories a minute?  That’s almost double the normal metabolic rate of the average person. I’m quite certain many women would jump at weight loss from kissing rather than a step aerobics class (ok that won’t really happen as a weight loss plan, but a girl can dream, right?).

Kissing creates tremendous intimacy and the nerve receptors in the lips are highly sensitive to touch. The act creates an instant bond and also releases oxytocin into the system, relaxing both of you. This puts you on a collision course with a deep seeded sense of connection.

These are my top 5 kisses that make me melt.

1.  The Bite Kiss:  Oh yes, the tug on the lower lip. The pull of his mouth on yours.  When you are so deep into the kiss that you want to just pull them inside you and hold on.  

2.  The Upside Down Kiss:  Before kids and before shift work, Sunday morning sex was at the top of my list of favorite weekend activities. The upside down kiss is where you lean over your lover and take a kiss without thinking.  It’s says “I want you RIGHT NOW!”

3. The Full Body Kiss:  This one says “I am yours. All yours.” Body, mind, and soul. It wraps itself around you and pulls you in. This is the kiss that tells a woman she’s protected. Belly to belly, face to face, lips to lips. This has the power to make you forget everything else around you.

4.  The Touch Kiss:  This one holds your partners eyes in yours and creates a connection. The feel of your hands on his face, the scratch of his beard.  The feel of his hands on your face, the brush of your hair against his skin. Everything slows down and allows you to be in the moment.

5.  The Neck Kiss:  This is my favorite. I love having my neck kissed–it makes me weak at the knees. It makes me forget my name and where I am. This is the epitome of all of kisses for me and I’m guessing I’m not the only one. Men love having their necks kissed as well!  They’re just as sensitive to touch as we are and finding that sweet spot on his body is like winning the lottery!

*Had this picture been of ME, I would’ve already been naked with that kiss on my neck!

There are some pretty spectacular books dedicated to kissing. Everything from how to’s and drive her crazy to the history of kissing! Investing in a little literature is sure to pay you back tenfold.

Rediscovering the joys of kissing can remind you why you fell in love with your partner.

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'The Art of Kissing' have 2 comments

  1. June 26, 2012 @ 9:36 am Beccah mc

    WOWWW!! What a fantastic write up. I am currently laying in bed (alone) and dreaming of my best kiss. It was the kiss that has and will forever connect me to another. Who would have known my kissing talent could be so powerful!?? We all must remember to NEVER underestimate the intimate force that kissing brings. :)

  2. June 28, 2012 @ 9:02 pm Sam

    My fave is the slow approach-lips parted-graze of the tongue kiss. It’s like a tease, but is so fully charged that it’s sure to get ya goin’!

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