The Best Places for a Quickie!

Time. It’s a luxury these days. We are all up at the crack of dawn, rushing off to work, getting things done, the list is endless.  Add to that kid activities if you are a parent.

When it comes to sex, if we don’t make it happen when it can happen, you might be SOL.

That’s why I’m  a big fan of the quickie.  In and out in 15 minutes.  I’ve learned I can usually squeeze 15 minutes of “me” time if I really put my mind to it. That means getting off line, ignoring Twitter, Facebook, and even some of those essential TV shows.

We all know about those obvious places–the shower, the laundry room, even the basement, if you’ve got one. But what about those stealth places? Areas you wouldn’t think about?

One of the best places for a quickie is the single washroom of a big box store. You know, the one at the back of the aisles.  It usually has a huge amount of space and you can lock the door and not worry that a pair of orthopedic shoes will show up on the other side of the stall. I would recommend tucking a towel or something in your bag so you don’t have to put your bare feet on the floor or lean on a dirty sink.

Gas stations in the middle of nowhere are good too! Just remember to LOCK the door. I work at an airport and a couple was taking advantage of the wheelchair bathroom one evening and forgot to lock the door.  Someone pushed the automatic door button and the door swung open and the couple was there in all their glory for everyone to see. Yikes!

How about trying some coat closet coitus? The best time is during the toast portion of a huge event. If the closet is unmanned, you’re golden. The coats will muffle your sounds. But please, be courteous and don’t get anything on someone’s coat that you wouldn’t want on your own.

Another way for a semi quickie at an event, concert or theatre production is for the woman to wear a remote controlled bullet. He holds the controller and you insert the bullet or tuck it into your panties. There would be no penetration, but she would have one hell of an orgasm and he could control it!  He could enjoy being the one in charge with no touching whatsoever.

Quickies are like the dim sum of a sexual buffet–little nibbles to whet your appetite and get you hungry for more. 

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  1. June 22, 2012 @ 3:50 pm Colleen

    Great suggestions! :)

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