The Dirty Girls Bucket List

This is for the ladies who left the Vanilla Life long ago and can double cross off the suggestions on the Sex Bucket List many times over!

I’ve asked my faithful gal pals for things on their NASTY List and this is what they say!

1.  Put on a Pair of CFM (Come Fuck Me) Shoes and Get the Job Done.  You know the shoes I mean.  The ones that are 4″ high, strappy ankles, and scream “DO ME NOW!”  You can pick up a great pair at any shoe store.  Patent leather, red or black is the shoe of choice, however a sky-high stiletto or boot  in any color and material will do the trick.  The key to this is WEAR THEM TO BED!  Sure, they look nice when sitting around and chatting, but when you drag them down someone’s back, it’s all the better!

2.  Go to a Swing Club.  There are many club options in cities all over the planet.  They lean all the way from mild (sexy, naked dancing) to wild (a room filled with couples getting it on).  You don’t have to drop your drawers and participate however, WATCHING it might just be the fuel you need for your own fire when you get home.  Lots of clubs offer a “Newbie Night” for first-timers, so you won’t be the only ones there looking like a deer-in-headlights! But, if you are so moved…join in!  Everyone is there for the same reason and you just might find that this is one more to cross off on your Bucket List journey, and may even lead you to a Clothing-Optional resort, like we’ve covered here!

3.  Role Play.  Go all out! Buy that costume you’ve never dared to wear before, set up the “date”, and give it everything you’ve got.  Meet at a bar, let the rest of the patrons be part of the “game”, and let go of all your inhibitions about what is and isn’t appropriate.

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn do an excellent, and might we add…HYSTERICAL job of role-playing in Four Christmases

4.  Video Yourselves.  Make your own personal sex tape, or read the manual and figure out how to hook your video camera up to your tv and watch the live action while you are having sex.  You don’t have to actually put anything down on tape and have that little gem go missing, but you can hook up a camera to a tv in your room and act like a movie is being shot!  Or, if you want a token of remembrance, you can always use your laptops webcam and shoot a scene or two…

5.  Take a BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Submission and Masochism) Class.  Many local adult stores have a wealth of information about classes, workshops, lectures and so much more on this subject.  BDSM may not be your first pursuit, but we guarantee there will be something out there to push your naughty boundaries and open you up to a whole new world.


Spill it, Nasty Girls!  What else do you think should be on this list?

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  1. September 12, 2012 @ 8:48 pm Mitch

    Guess I’m less vanilla than I thought! The only one I haven’t done is the swingers’ club and that’s because I don’t want people looking at me!

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