The Liberator Throe…


When I was asked by Josh to review the Throe by Liberator…I said sure. I’m always open to trying new things. And this one seemed easy enough. After all…it’s only a blanket-type object…or so I assumed.

Well, let me tell you…
This Throe is awesome. I received the purple, velvet-ish textured Throe. And it…is so sexy feeling underneath me. Something about making love on velvet…was a complete turn-on. Plus…because it’s all kinds of sex-juice proof…I didn’t have to worry about whose side of the bed would have the wet spot to sleep in. Because this Throe is made to protect your bed from all of the wetness that goes along with sex. Whether it be your own, natural wetness or lubes.
The Liberator Throe is machine washable. Which makes it NO BIG DEAL to use it. And reuse it. And use it again.
I haven’t used the satiny side yet. I happen to be super partial to how the velvet feels. But…I can only imagine that it is just as sexy to have sex on.
It seems like such a splurge at $85 dollars. But let me tell you…to save yourself from doing the sheets and changing the bed…or putting uncomfortable towels down underneath you…
it’s SO worth it.
And it feels much better than those towels.
And that wet spot.
This product comes highly recommended by me, The Blind Gal!

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