The Pocket Fairy

I received The Pocket Fairy from Eden Fantasys to review.

Eden Fantasys ships their products discreetly, in a regular brown box with no indication of what’s inside. That’s always appreciated.

I giggled, because as you can see from the picture, it has a wrist strap. I have a strap on my cell phone so having one for my vibrator struck me funny. I’m not sure what the intention of that is, maybe to keep it from flying away during play?

This vibrator doesn’t need batteries, which is a major plus. In fact, it’s rechargeable. While it is charging, the tip turns bright blue so you might want to find a place to discreetly plug it in. The blue light turns off when it is completely charged. I’m not sure how long the charge holds but once you feel the vibe losing strength, that’s an indicator to plug up again.

Speaking of strength, the Pocket Fairy is one powerful tiny vibrator. Honestly, the low setting was plenty for me and I like a strong toy. I usually need to turn my Bullet all the way up to really enjoy it, and the low setting on the Pocket Fairy is strong. If you’re very sensitive though, this might not be the toy for you as it might be too much to handle. There are only two settings on this vibrator, high and low.

The head of the Pocket Fairy flexes, which helps for different positions and variations. I’ve only used it as            clitoral stimulation and based on the shape, I wouldn’t really suggest otherwise. The end of the Pocket Fairy gets pretty warm once you’ve been using it for awhile, but I think that’s because it’s so powerful, the motor works hard.

To clean this vibrator, I would suggest using toy wipes or even baby wipes. I’d stay away from soap and water  because it can very easily get into the crevices on the body of this toy. The head is made of some kind of soft material and doesn’t snag.

I’d recommend the Pocket Fairy for anyone looking for an alternative to a Bullet, and especially if they’re looking for something that packs a punch.

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