The Toyfriend Rocket

When I first received the Toyfriend Rocket from Babeland, I was a bit taken aback. First of all, it’s yellow and I wasn’t guess I wasn’t expecting the thickness of it. First thing I did was scratch my head over the stand that it came with thinking, “do they want me to put it on display?” I figured out what that thing was for but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Babeland sent batteries with this vibrator and my advise is to chuck them after one use. They aren’t very strong and that will definitely effect your orgasm.

There are multiple vibration settings on this toy. High, low, slow pulse, medium pulse, and high pulse. In my opinion, I found it really good for clitoral stimulation more so than g-spot stimulation. The curve in it is just not angled enough because the base seems to be too thick. Then again, that could very as everyone is shaped differently.

My favorite thing about the Toyfriend Rocket is that it is waterproof. As I was trying to figure out where to put the vibrator while I washed up, I finally figured out what that base was for. Perfect for propping up on a ledge in the bathtub while it waits for you. This is my first experience with a waterproof vibrator so I made sure everything was screwed on nice and tight because I’m paranoid. But it never hurts to be too sure.

The Toyfriend Rocket is made of silicone which is really easy to clean. Since this has a motor, you don’t want to boil it or put it in the dishwasher but you can wash it with soapy water but I probably wouldn’t submerge it for very long. If you’re going to use lube with this toy, make sure it isn’t silicone based. That will melt the toy (science is WEIRD!). If that’s all you have and you need to use it, put a condom on the toy.

This vibrator is nice and quiet, with a minimal pulsing sound when on those settings. I think that the thickness of the toy minimizes the vibrations so I would make it down for that. Overall, if asked to recommend this toy I would, based on the fact that it’s waterproof but only if you were looking for something with good clitoral stimulation.

Special thanks to Babeland for sending me this toy to review here.

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