Titillating Travel Does Desires Resort

A resort that welcomes “lifestylers” and an “au naturel-optional” atmosphere? Bueno!

Titillating Travel focuses on Desires Resort & Spa, a super sexy, adults-only hotel in Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

Who needs hot weather in the Riviera Maya? Desire Resort is steaming up the area big time, just by its mere presence. The ultra-exotic, all-inclusive playground is designed for couples (male/female only) hankering for a spicy vacation. Know this from the jump—in order to fully appreciate Desire an open mind is a MUST—or at least be willing to watch antics aplenty.

As a clothing optional resort, naturally there are naked guests walking around, in the pool, laying on daybeds, etc. If this would be an assault to your senses, best stay at sister property (and only topless optional) Temptations Resort in nearby Cancun. The place is also a hangout for the “lifestyle” crowd (often mislabeled as swingers) who descend upon the resort in organized groups during specific times of the year.

Castaways Travel is one such organizer and another is called Temptations. They say the benefit to traveling with their group is ten-fold. You’ll cyber-meet people before your trip, have the host couple on property to help ease you into the environment, get pre-booking discounts, and other perks. The hotel only has 114 rooms, and fills very quickly, so according to Temptations, “If you don’t book with a group, you can be bounced.” That usually means being sent to Temptations Resort or Blue Bay Club in Cancun.

If you do manage to be lucky enough to “get in” Desire, you’ll see a pattern emerge—during the day, the grown and sexy drape themselves on pool or beach cabana beds and loungers, sipping on cervezas or margaritas and having snacks. There may be some beach or pool games, but nothing hyper organized. But Happy Hour at the extra-large rooftop hot tub is a joyous affair indeed. Here, the PDA is public- as tame as passionate kissing and as outrageous as full throttle sex on the daybeds surrounding the pool area. Despite the “rule” saying sex is to be performed in the rooms or in the “playroom” next to the disco, it does seem a blind eye is turned once the sun goes down.

People meet for dinner at one of several restaurants and then connect later at the disco for “theme night” a chance to play adult dress-up. Whether it’s Leather or Naughty School Girl Night, the fun is seeing adults wearing R and X-rated costumes. Many guests leave the disco and return to the hot tub for a midnight dip, and it’s said the fun continues well into the wee hours of the morning.

Newbies may initially try to avert their gaze at first, scared to make eye contact, though wearing sunglasses makes it easier (at least during the day). But there’s no need to watch on the down low. Exhibitionism and voyeurism go hand-in-hand at Desire, and if privacy is well, desired, people just go to their rooms. But then you could be anywhere and what’s the point in that?

All-inclusive room rates from: $430 per night/ per couple.

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  1. June 3, 2012 @ 7:06 am Mitchtress

    Okay, you lost me at the sex in the hot tub part.

  2. June 3, 2012 @ 7:10 am Chanize

    No…people are in the hot tub like rubbing each other and kissing, but they’re not doing it in there. Because that’s against the rules (one they actually enforce!).

  3. June 3, 2012 @ 10:57 am Mitchtress

    Oh. Well, that’s different. Although my problem with it isn’t the PDAs or PDS. It’s more like, “What?? You want ME to walk around naked and still think you’re going to maintain an atmosphere of sexuality? Oh, I think not!” LOL

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