The Trojan Tri-Phoria Giveaway!

Let me first say, I’m not usually a big sex toy fan.

I like to experiment with and test them out, but I don’t necessarily like integrating them on a regular basis into my sex life.

In particular, I’m not fond of the penetrating vibrators. I’d rather have sex. Nor do I enjoy the “cock ring” as the penetration isn’t as deep.

So, when I received a Trojan Tri-Phoria to try out, I was hesitant.

Then I realized this little guy is mostly for clitoral stimulation.

My husband and I decided to try it out together. We used it on him and on me. I’ve got to say, we both enjoyed this product very much, indeed.

There are 3 different head attachments and 8 different settings to the Trojan Tri-Phoria.

The first 5 settings are vibrations and the other 3 are pulses. The pulses…were awesome. Actually, so were the vibrations. Heck, the whole toy is amazing. It’s probably my new best friend.

I’ll have to name him, seeing how intimate we are becoming.

We played with the different attachments, as well. There is 1 silicone domed tip, 1 silicone flickering tip and 1 hard tip. I didn’t care for the last one as it was to “tough” for my delicate bits.

The flickering tip sort of simulates oral sex, and I like oral, so this was a favorite. My husband gives the  The domed tip the thumbs up, too.

To be honest, it is a little noisy, as are so many of the sex toys. So, if you have kids, roommates, or the like, make sure they are asleep or out of ears-reach!

I loved the Tri-phoria, which is shocking because I’ve truly never felt that way about a toy before.

I’d use it again. And again.

The Trojan Tri-phoria is available online. It retails for $39.


AND…Trojan just gave us a bonus for the lucky winner…the PULSE!
Click the link below for easy instructions on how to WIN!


This giveaway is for those ages 18 and older. You must be in the U.S. to win.

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