Valentine’s Day On A Budget

by: Melissa

Valentines Day is right around the corner!

You want to celebrate it with your partner to show your love and appreciation but funds aren’t allowing for a fancy dinner followed by drinks and dessert.

You don’t want to buy chocolate, stuffed animals or flowers. AGAIN. Yet, you want to show your love more than just a card.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are some fabulous ideas that are either free or very inexpensive!

Go to your local fabric store. Buy enough felt or other inexpensive fabric, in red, pink, purple or whatever color. And turn yourself into a conversation heart. Write something provocative in maybe…glitter paint. And you be his valentine.

What about coupon shopping. 12 sexy coupons, one for each month. Until next Valentines Day when he gets a new one. You can’t think of what sort of coupons to make? Here are a couple of starters: Maybe one coupon would be a naked dinner for two in front of the fireplace. Another, a selfless sex act where he just lays there and you get nothing in return. Use your imagination and only offer what you’ll be comfortable doing.

Candle-lit dinner table for two. Beg your parents or sister or friend to take the kids for a couple hours and just eat in peace. Maybe throw in a bottle of your favorite Two-Buck Chuck from Trader Joes. THAT? Would be the best. Ever. Not that I don’t love my kids.

Your partner hates the clutter? Your closet is a bone of contention? Clean it as a token of your love. Vacuum the couch and clear out all the toys and change from between and underneath the pillows. Make the bed. These little things speak volumes.

It’s what’s underneath. You don’t have to go to Victoria’s Secret to buy sexy lingerie to entice your favorite Valentine. Hit up stores like T.J Maxx, Marshall’s or Burlington Coat Factory. Their stuff is just as sexy with an even sexier price tag.

Valentine’s Day is about the love, not about how much money you spent to share it. Hope the suggestions ignite a fire and you have a super steamy *wink wink* Valentines Day.

We’d love to hear your ideas below!

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    Oh, gosh. How about “Get a good night’s sleep the night BEFORE Valentine’s Day so that you have energy for a fun night.” LOL

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