Vibin’ with The Vanity

After this humiliating experience, it was clear I needed to find a more discreet, less phallic travel toy.

I searched high and low and found a good many that fit the bill–and we’ll be talking about them one by one, here!

The Vanity, by Jopen caught my eye because of its sleek, objet d’art like design and bold, violet color.

The Vanity series has 10 vibrators in the collection–I chose the Vr6.5 as it’s truly compact (I pack a carry on always, so space savers are a must). It has it’s own little travel bag and doesn’t look like anything a surly TSA agent would want to wave around in the air and embarrass me for in their moment of douchebaggery. Speaking of which, should your bag be randomly screened, no worries: Why?

The Vanity has a security lock so it will not buzz out of control because you’ve forgotten to remove the batteries. 

How is this possible? It doesn’t USE batteries!


Yes, this baby is powered by a charger (give it 4 hours when you first get it to get enough juice) and after that, it’s ready for the whole day. Well, it depends on much you’re using it, I guess. I was going to make a crude joke about what else do you know that stays ready a whole day, but that would be immature…

So, the details on how The Vanity works are simple: there are dual motors operated by two separate buttons, aptly named on the brochure “Vibration 1” and “Vibration 2”. By pressing the buttons at the base of the vibe you can control the intensity of the vibrations and whether you prefer one spot over the other. Or if you want both simultaneously. So good to have options.

Best of all, the Vanity is super quiet so it doesn’t sound like you’re using power drills to make yourself happy. Plus, it’s super sleek (I’m telling you, it’s ART), and waterproof, for those who like to bring toys in the bathtub.

For first timers, The Vanity is a great place to start as it’s harmless looking and easy to use. The instruction manual had 4 simple directions. I stopped reading at 2 (I’m impatient), but I think I got it down pat. ;-)



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  1. June 7, 2012 @ 8:36 am Mitchtress

    Anything purple has my vote!

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