Lady Love: Will Curiosity Kill the Cat?

After nearly two decades of marriage–I finally revealed the truth to my hubby–I’ve always had a thing for girls.

Mind you, I’ve spent our relationship being the “Do Right” woman, bringing just enough spice to keep him interested and yet still feeling like something was missing.

But a year ago, I went a little wild.  Memories came to light and I couldn’t ignore them. The play between me and my teen girlfriends and the making out with that older woman in my college years all led to me visiting a sex club and seeing if I truly was bisexual.  After a few escapades–nothing to alert Hustler about, but enough to keep under wraps from the immediate family–the answer is yes, I like to play with both sexes.

The most liberating bit of it all? I’ve maturely discussed it with my spouse and he’s given me permission to explore this side of myself. I know many of you are thinking “OF COURSE, HE DOESN”T MIND!” But trust me, this was a big step for my traditional man.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited and grateful in my life. So where will this all go? I’m not sure. But the plan is to start backwards, to the first woman who introduced me to the pleasures only a woman can give.

Am I alone? Let us know, have you gone through anything similar? 

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