Would You Hire a Gigolo?

I admit it, I watch Showtime’s series “Gigolos”.

While not a consistent viewer (I only recently discovered it mid-season last year), I am HOOKED. Why? Because it is absolutely OPPOSITE of what we’re primed to see on television.

We’ve already had “Secret Confessions of a Call Girl” and then there was “Cathouse: The Series”, which while quite titillating at times when it was on the air, doesn’t quite equal to Gigolos, where we get to see male escorts being paid to rock women’s worlds.

And it’s raw.

The show is set in Vegas and centered around a group of  five men who are part of an agency called Cowboys 4 Angels.

Their job is officially to escort women to various venues around the city. Or in one case, take a limo ride around Vegas and use the back seat in ways you never thought possible. Yeah, tickling these gals’  insides is what these guys do. No apologies. They are peacock proud.

And while these men are all pretty studly, they do range in looks, which I find quite interesting—especially when it comes to Brace, the vet of the group. Bleach blonde, and rock muscled, Brace has to be at least, what…45 years old?! Yeah! Not a 20-year old stud at all. But very tanned, and very particular about the girls he likes. In other words, a bit shallow, given that he’s at the peak of his career. But when it comes to the rough and tumble, our guy keeps up with the best of ’em, I have to say. BTW, he’s our back-of-the-limo-lover!

Then there’s Vin, the man-of-color, who in this past episode brought a remote control vibe on his ‘date’ and asked her to insert it  so they could “play” while sitting at the bar. After her shock, she agreed. Barring a few technical difficulties, it started to vibrate and she looked like she was going to pass out. They continued the fun upstairs–and this is what’s gasp-worthy about this show, they reveal all the positions. We see just how round his ass is when he’s going at it from behind. We’re able to see how strong he is when he’s picked up a woman and thrown her legs over his shoulders.

This is a constant close-up on this show–the ass-shot.

You get to see these men working their assets and for that I’m going to get old school and throw big two thumbs up. In fact, this show is probably the only time in my life where I’ve repeatedly yelled, “Damn!” to the television in delight. The movie screen for Magic Mike was another episode, but that was a bit more quiet.

But let’s just get this clear–you will not learn life lessons from Gigolos.

However, you will discover who the women are that hire these men, and I think it’s pretty interesting. You’d think they’d all be lonely, unattractive gals. Nope. They are all over the map. From lawyers in town on business to attractive party planners who don’t have time for relationships. There are widows who are getting back in the field and want to “clear the cobwebs” so-to-speak. Of course, there’s the proverbial unhappily married women stories as well. But for the most part, what you have are confident women looking for a little fun with a gorgeous man and willing to pay the price and bypass all the bullshit game playing you find in clubs, online, etc.

And for that, I actually applaud them! They don’t seem to have any shame in their game on this show. In fact, they seem downright proud to hire their man-toy for the night.

Men have been doing it forever. And in this show, sisters are doing it for themselves!

So I ask you ladies, if you could, would YOU hire a gigolo?    


image: Showtime

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  1. September 10, 2012 @ 2:07 pm momto3

    I can’t say “never”, but I don’t see myself hiring a gigolo. I think what would bother me the most is the worry about STDs. I won’t kid myself and say that I never played Russian roulette when it came to sexual safety. But I like to think I’ve matured and, maybe, learned some things. If something happened to my husband, I don’t think I’d want to give up on sex forever. And I just can’t see myself dating anybody. So that part of it is appealing. But then I think about just how many wells they’ve dug and that squigs me out a bit. At my age, I wouldn’t expect any of my sexual partners to be virgins, but I’d to think (pretend?) that they haven’t been *that promiscuous. Having not seen the show, I have to wonder — do they show them using any kind of protection? Do they kiss the women, perform oral sex (and have them perform oral sex on them)? I think I’d worry about those things too much to really enjoy myself.

    Also, my husband brought up a good point. Yes, men have been doing this for forever. But you’d probably never hear anybody say that a man was doing it to “clear the cobwebs” or that they applauded them for it. Women “escorts” will probably always been seen as skeezy and male “escorts” as a sort of hero. (Kind of like sluts versus players.)

  2. September 11, 2012 @ 9:34 am Mitch

    I can say “never”. I don’t want to have sex with somebody who really will be more critical of my body than his own. I also don’t want to have sex with somebody who is just performing his job. I’d like to think I’m worth more than that before I share my sexual side with someone.

    I know paying for it has its benefits; the primary one being you get what you want when/how you want it with no strings, moods or issues spoiling things. But for me, it’s not worth being some guy’s appointment.

  3. September 13, 2012 @ 4:54 am Jessica

    I actually have hired a male escort and I was so glad i did!!! I was really nervous at first considering you never really know the kind of guy you’re going to meet… But I was on vacation in Miami and on my last night I finally got the courage to do it. He turned out to be the most gorgeous (actually much better looking and more classy than the guys on ‘gigolos’) sweetest and talented guy ever (if you know what i mean…). His name was Dave and his ‘real’ job was as a legitimate massage therapist and a graduate student. He was very intelligent, funny and made me feel instantly comfortable. I had the most wonderful time! Now I can’t wait to visit Miami to see him again. I think if you can get past the stigmas and let yourself have some well deserved fun, there is nothing wrong with it. Don’t let all the negative people stop you… Life is meant to be enjoyed!!!

  4. September 13, 2012 @ 10:07 am Chanize

    I have to say Jessica, I am well impressed! I think you’re right, there is such a stigma attached to women hiring a male, but we don’t really get up in arms when it comes to men and female escorts because it seems more the “norm”. Like I said, the women on this show who have hired these men come from all walks of life and have no shame in their game. Bravo!

  5. September 14, 2012 @ 11:09 am Jessica

    Exactly! I’m a pretty successful business woman and I hear my male collegues brag to each other (when they think I can’t hear them) about the escorts they’ve had. So I thought, ‘I’m equal (or better!) than them in all other aspects of professional life, so why should I limit myself to outdated definitions of gender roles?’ And I can’t stress enough how happy I was that I had the courage to do so. Of course, I was lucky and got an incredibly high quality guy… but I think with enough searching any woman can find a guy she likes. I just googled ‘miami male escort’ and searched on the male escort section of backpage. I think the key is to get a good impression from what they write in their ad. You can tell right away whether it’s a classy gentleman or a sleazy guy. And if you’re not sure, call them up on the phone. I’ve always thought that you can tell the kind of person someone is by the way they speak.

  6. September 25, 2012 @ 4:48 pm amy

    Absolutely. It’s about time there are straight male escorts for women. More specifically, FOR ME!

  7. November 10, 2012 @ 11:38 am Glitzie Dupree


    The keys to a good experience( regardless of whatever experience you hope to have) are doing some basic research, dealing with a credible and reputable agency, and going into it with reasonable expectations.

    I like Cowboys4Angels. The owner, Garren James, does the screening ( if an escort or agency doesn’t want or require to know anything about you at all, run for the hills), schedules the appointment, handles the “transaction” , let’s you know when your date is within a few minutes of arriving, and touches base with you later to be sure things went as you anticipated. He will also provide recommendations if you aren’t exactly sure which escort to select, and the entire process is completely safe, discreet and actually very easy.

    An escort isn’t going to be the love of your life, or your personal psychotherapist; but that doesn’t mean the experience is impersonal or a hook-up either. It’s like having a relationship in a box. It very much picks up where it left off without the mess in the middle.

  8. January 14, 2013 @ 6:46 pm Kristina

    It’s the difference between getting the job technically done vs. where have you been all my life?

  9. July 24, 2017 @ 4:50 am Knichols

    YES and I applaud the concept of women’s orgasm being a goal for men. The wonderful concept that sex pleasurable to women is of value. It’s nice to know this ABILITY is there. Always hear men saying “could if I wanted to”. Let’s all pray they see the beauty in wanting to….

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