how to attract an extrovert

How To Seduce an Extrovert

how to attract an extrovert

How to Seduce an Extrovert

Some people find extroverts to be so alluring. Drawing all the energy to themselves and bouncing it right back, they easily attract a lot of admirers. In case you have recently found yourself in the circles of a charming extrovert, you are probably excited but don’t have a clue about how to seduce him/her. However, there’s no need for worry because here are some clever tricks for making an extrovert fall literally “head over heels” in love with you.

Attracting an Extroverts

This is the first step when learning how to seduce an extrovert. It is all about attracting the person’s attention. In order to attract an extrovert’s attention, you must first try to understand the characteristics and traits of the extrovert. Extroverts are stubborn and this can sometimes be frustrating. They are also aggressive and will rarely back down when confronted. Thirdly, they like vanity. These are the three defining characteristics and traits of most extroverts. You need to take some time to consider these attributes and how you are going to cope or deal with them. It should be obvious that there are certain negative and positive traits here.

 Stack Up the Flattery

Attracting an extrovert is incredibly easy, so long as you stick to a few simple rules of seduction. One of the most important rules when it comes to seducing an introvert is to shower him with all the flattery by getting him to think that he is the most adorable person in the world. You don’t have to resort to subtleties or even go in circles. Your tactics at sucking up can be as obvious and blatant as you like. Ensure you keep on piling the compliments and praises. An extrovert will take it all with relish and even try to seek for more. While it is true that an extrovert’s vanity and pride can at times be difficult to cope with. However, the greatest mistake that you can ever make is trying to deflate an extrovert’s ego or even take him a notch down. Criticizing him, subjecting him to ridicule or any form of humiliation, or trying to make him look stupid will definitely ruin any chances of becoming intimate with the person.

Let Him Dominate and Take The Lead

attracting an extrovert

If you really want to score with an extrovert, you need to allow the person to act as the traditionally dominant party. In order to attract him, you should be comfortable with letting him/her take the lead, instead of making attempts at calling the shots yourself. The extrovert normally wants to be the one doing all the asking out, making arrangements, and being in control of the relationship. Don’t ruin your chances of getting intimate with the person by making the grave mistake of trying to tell him/her what to do. It is a lot easier to win an extrovert’s affection by going along with his/her ideas and agreeing with his suggestions while acknowledging his/her dominance and superior authority. While it’s obvious that all this means that you will definitely have to take the backseat in such a relationship, you need to think about it before you get involved because you will always play second fiddle in the relationship.

Look Like You Are Having All The Fun

Because an extrovert is outgoing, try to make him/her feel you are exciting and fun to spend time with. This will enhance the chances of seizing his heart. Be playful and laugh a lot, and always try to look like you are really having a blast. This makes an extrovert want to spend more time with you and even make you a full-time companion. Avoid acting too serious, complaining constantly, or dressing up in boring or plain styles because an extrovert will view you as a party popper. To grab an extrovert’s admiration, wear the finest adornments and glam up so that you are someone he/she is proud to be accompanied by. However, do not make the mistake of trying to compete with an extrovert person for attention. An extrovert always loves to be the center of attention and becomes sulky when pushed to the sidelines. Extroverts will love more if the other party gives the opportunity for him to show off for a while, followed by a round of applause.

Show Lots of Affection

attracting an extrovert

When trying to seduce an extrovert, you need to be aware of the fact that your attraction rating will be directly proportional to the level of affection and devotion that you are willing to shower on him. Beneath the bravado and big talk, an extrovert is usually a bit vulnerable and often needs a lot of ego pampering to feel secure and happy. You will score some bonus points with such guys is you are the kind of person who is always present to console him, offer some reassurance, and kiss all the worries and troubles away when he is going through a rough patch. Flamboyant displays of endearment, that give his/her ego a boost by demonstrating to everyone how much you cherish and respect the person, will work particularly well when trying to nail it with an extrovert. Make it open or obvious that he/she is the most important person in your life by showing unwavering loyalty. This helps to ensure that you have a better chance of winning the person’s love.

Make the Person a Bit Jealous

Extroverts essentially look for a one-man woman or one-woman man. They will usually be turned off if they think their partner is the cheating kind. However, an extrovert will find you more attractive if you drop some subtle hints that there might be others competing for your affection. That bit of competition helps to inflame her/his passions and tends to make the person struggle more to win your affection. But don’t take it to the extreme and make him/her seriously jealous. This will only make him unleash a torrent of anger that is often very hard to cope with or contain. In the mind of an extrovert, disloyalty when it comes to lovers or friends is unforgivable and can spell doom on any prospects of capturing the person’s heart. Always try to stick by the person and he will always pay back handsomely with generosity. Regardless of his/her playboy/playgirl image, an extrovert is likely to pass off as a very faithful person.              

Once you already understand the person’s main traits and characteristics, you can work on adjusting your personality type to make him/her see you as more attractive. For instance, if your extrovert is hard headed and stubborn, you can bend this to your benefit by looking like you let him win arguments. Once an extrovert person feels that she/he is on top of things, he/she will have feelings of achievement. The person will look back at the situation and once the positive feelings start flowing through his/her brain, he/she will automatically start thinking about you. You can help your extrovert make these connections to positive feelings acts as a very powerful technique for attracting the extrovert guy. If you want to take it a notch higher, you can create a situation where he/she gets an opportunity to prove exactly how dominant and powerful they are.           

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