Why Sex is Better in Your 40s

Superior Sex Starts at 40.

Yes ladies, according to this Marie Claire article, 40-year old, middle aged women are enjoying the best sex of their lives.

Gives 20somethings sumthin’ to look forward to.

One of reasons why we’re having such a great time?  Older women aren’t as concerned with our appearance and how sexually attractive we are the way we were in our 20’s. We’re owning our bodies, our selves, more than ever before. We are who we are. Take us to bed or lose us forever.

In our 30’s, we begin to acquire knowledge, to get in touch with our wants and needs. But there may be young kids keeping us from the convenience of acting upon our drive. Nothing worse that a kid screaming just when things are starting to heat up.

But oh, the 40’s. We are having better sex. Actually, some say we are having the best sex of our lives. And it’s even happening with long-term partners, which disputes the theory of things getting stale after many years together.

In our 40’s, we have less stress coming into the bedroom with us. Our kids are older, chances are they’ve already walked in on you mid-afternoon delight and ran out traumatized. But they lived. And now you’re living, too.

Our sex drive is stronger due to decreases in estrogen and oxytocin, leaving testosterone large and in charge. There’s nothing unfeminine about having a manly sex drive. We cougars (that’s what we’re called nowadays) are having more and better sex than our younger counterparts, studies say. We are also having and living out more sexual fantasies.

We have become more confident between the sheets,so we are more aggressive and can let our partner know what we want and when we want it.

The best part about sex at 40? The Climax. Yes. YES. More of them, and they’re bigger, better, and stronger.

So younger ladies, you may have youth, smooth skin and perky boobs on your side, but I’m 40 and having better sex than you.

Women! Do you agree with our writer’s sentiment?

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